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Grandpa1 10-11-14 04:51 PM

Dayton Forces 7 Turnovers to Win
The ex-Comets made another game a win with their excellent play (7-turnovers) at Marist in Upstate NY.

Cory Stuart had his usual 2 receptions, one a comebacker when the QB was in trouble as well as several good blocks.

Ryan Schwenke's name was heard often because of 4 solo tackles, 2 asst, 1 forced fumble & 1-intercept.

The 31-21 win for the Flyers makes the charter plane ride home very enjoyable as they look forward to a first home game in 3 weeks when Morehead State rides up to Dayton on next Saturday..

Grandpa1 10-13-14 07:22 PM

Interesting Thing Happened at that Game
Dayton's kicker, William Will, experienced a lifetime event at Marist.

In three consecutive appearances in that game, he scored via x-point, TD & Field Goal!!:)

Here's a link to his TD run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddk3Q9Eo97o

He was named PFL Special teams Player of the Week! Sure was!!

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