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Yappi 11-27-17 09:26 PM

Final Scores (11/28/17)
Please post final scores from today's games in this thread...

usfldan 11-28-17 09:50 PM

Woodward 46, Hughes 35
Ti'Ajia Christopher led all scorers with 17 points. Woodward led by 14 in the fourth when she started to cramp up and had to come out. Hughes went on an 8-0 run to cut it to 37-31, then she came back in and Woodward went on a 9-1 run to put the game away.

Aiken 38, Taft 34
Shroder led West Hi, 23-13 at halftime, but I have not seen a final score.

Michael Hirn 11-28-17 10:24 PM

Ottawa Glandorf 58
Tinora 43


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