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Yappi 07-30-17 11:00 PM

2017 Yappi Champions Challenge (Week 1 Open)
Week 1 Open:

Yappi 07-31-17 12:50 PM

Good start to the contest. Already 30 entries. Hoping to get to around 500 to start the year.

Yappi 08-09-17 03:20 PM

Just passed 120 entries. I know a number of people are still waiting to see the scrimmages. I think we are going to reach the 500 number that I was hoping for.

Mr. Slippery 08-10-17 04:44 PM

I forgot. Who won last year?

Warrior78 08-10-17 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Slippery (Post 6804260)
I forgot. Who won last year?

It's a shame...Mr. Slippery's mind is "slipping". :D

Top 10 from last year...

264 Mr. Slippery
259 ChiefPriest
256 catseye
255 The Butler
254 longtime1sttime
254 Nash
252 Egad
252 Spencer

Wildcat97 08-16-17 07:57 PM

Good to be back. Last season didn't end well for me....spending all of playoffs in hospital bed and not enjoying playoff time was not a good time. Here's to a better go around

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Yappi 08-22-17 09:36 PM

Get your picks in. Just a couple more days...

longtime1sttime 08-24-17 07:29 AM

My picks are in. Welcome all to another season.

vamp2syd 08-25-17 05:51 PM

I did not realize there was a Thursday night game so my picks were late. I already knew that Fairmont beat Alter when I made my picks so that game should go against me if my other picks are allowed...

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