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Striker300 12-11-14 10:00 AM

Burger King State Champions Bowl Series
Burger King is sponsoring a national state champions bowl series. You can check it out here:

The teams have not been named yet but it looks as if there are only 3 states involved this year, Utah, Washington and Florida. I'm surprised Ohio hasn't yet signed up for this event.

Sykotyk 12-11-14 09:57 PM

I hadn't thought of posting about it here.

Bingham (UT) has already agreed, and it appears they'll play Miami Booker T Washington. Bellevue (WA) has already declined, but Bothell (WA) may accept. Then there will be at least three other Florida teams as it's doubtful any other WA or UT teams will be invited.

One big problem was that Florida took for ever just to agree to participate, and that was with the knowledge they'd be hosting the event. So, it took a while to get approval from other states. States like Texas, California, and Ohio aren't likely to agree. At least until more states start agreeing to participate.

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