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fuss2 11-10-17 04:20 PM

Ivc 2017-18
What does everyone think about the upcoming hoops season in the IVC? Should be very interesting with all the new dynamics, the division splits, new teams in the league Conotton Valley comes into the league for hoops, Buckeye Trail and Tusky Valley swap spots from Football.

IVC South
Indian Valley
Buckeye Trail

IVC North
Tusky Valley
Sandy Valley
East Canton
Conotton Valley

hhawks 11-11-17 06:10 PM

The IVC will seem real different this year, for my Hawks no TCC or malvern on the schedule, you have to play two cross over teams from the other division, but they don't count as league games , don't quite understand it.then at the end of the season,you have a ivc placement tournament. Hiland look pretty good in there scrimmage today against Louisville.Olentangy,New Phila

Meatball 11-13-17 03:32 PM

I'm looking forward to this year in the IVC. Last year it seemed like almost every school had a strong group of seniors. It'll be interesting to see what those schools have left; how big of holes they have to fill and how they do it. I have no idea who the favorites are, but gotta guess the usual schools will be the ones to beat.

baseball43 11-14-17 10:56 AM

New IVC looks like it will be an awesome basketball league.

hhawks 11-14-17 05:37 PM

I have all the schedules, except Newcomerstown anyone have there schedule

shaggy25 11-15-17 11:00 AM

Indian Valley should be the favorite in the South and Sandy Valley should be the favorite in the North.

hhawks 11-15-17 04:59 PM

I think you have to put Strasburg right up there in the north,with Malvern and Sandy Valley not to far behind,in the South not sure what Indian Valley has coming back,you have to put Hiland and Garaway right up there too

Meatball 11-16-17 06:33 AM

Without seeing any scrimmages, previews, etc...I would start with Strasburg in the North and Hiland in the South.

hhawks 11-16-17 08:03 AM

It's no big deal but, Strasburg is in the north division and Hiland in the South division,I still get confused who's were

cone 11-16-17 08:24 AM

Indian Valley wins the big school

Sandy Valley wins the small school

Tigeratv3 11-16-17 09:15 AM

I have been researching basketball schedules for this season. I am missing the full schedule for some IVC teams, could someone help with Sandy Valley, Garaway, East Canton or Malvern. I have looked for school sites, Max Preps and Arbiter Live. Have any other sites to look at? Thanks!

baseball43 11-16-17 10:49 AM

There is no big school and small school for basketball. It is North and South teams.

hhawks 11-16-17 02:26 PM

Tigeratv3, I have all the IVC schedules, but just the other night was on the Indian Valley school's website you click on the athletic link then to boys basketball, then scroll down from there, there's a link. that says ivc basketball schedules,had all of them except Newcomerstown, hope that helps

hhawks 11-16-17 02:33 PM

So Cone give me your input on to why you think, Sandy Valley wins the north and Indian Valley wins the south, what do they have coming back and makes them favorite

Meatball 11-17-17 06:12 AM


Originally Posted by hhawks (Post 6914113)
It's no big deal but, Strasburg is in the north division and Hiland in the South division,I still get confused who's were

Thanks for the help; I edited my post. :))
Guess I didn't have my GPS out with me when I made that comment. Geographically, shouldn't Hiland be in the "West" division? :blush:

hhawks 11-17-17 10:52 AM

You would think my Hawks would be in West, going on location.they just wanted to make sure they were in the same division as Garaway,there big rivial

cone 11-17-17 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by hhawks (Post 6914567)
So Cone give me your input on to why you think, Sandy Valley wins the north and Indian Valley wins the south, what do they have coming back and makes them favorite

Indian Valley returns most of their team that was really coming on at the end of last season.

Sandy Valley has some strong guard play returning, Strasburg and TCC lost to much. East Canton is still not quite a top team.

Meatball 11-19-17 06:46 AM

Cone, don't know much about IV but in the other division, I would put the twins at Strasburg up against anyone's guards in the conference. And, let's not forget Malvern has a guard and big guy combo back this year. If those 3 schools are in the mix, I think the edge coaching wise has to go to Malvern (just on experience), Hall at Strasburg is a great young coach, and SV would easily rank 3rd in that area.

Tigeratv3 11-20-17 12:36 PM

Newcomerstown is now on the IVC list that you gave me from above, from the Indian valley website. Thanks for the help!

Meatball 11-26-17 01:27 PM

Anybody have any news, good or bad, from scrimmages for any IVC teams thus far?

baseball43 11-28-17 10:54 AM

Who was named the new Newcomerstown head coach this week?

Kenny Tuggle 12-03-17 01:37 PM

Opening night of IVC play ends with Garaway being on Sportscenter, if that's any indication of how this season is going to go, it should be an excited year for the league

Meatball 12-06-17 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by baseball43 (Post 6927350)
Who was named the new Newcomerstown head coach this week?

I believe the gentleman's name is Tim Davis. Thought I saw that in the Cambridge paper article when Newcs played Caldwell recently.

IVCguy 12-07-17 01:32 PM

Looking forward to Hiland-Sburg Fri. That's a heckuva opener tom night.

hhawks 12-07-17 09:49 PM

The Hawks will be in revenge mode ,come Friday night, for that overtime loss at Strasburg last year, should be a great game

Meatball 12-08-17 06:16 AM

Wish I could make it to the game tonight, but work pays better. Haha!
If Hiland has their typical depth, that could be one of the differences in the game, as I've heard the Tigers first 5 are very solid, but how far they can go on the bench is yet to be proven. And that was a real plus for them last year, to be able to go 8 deep without sacrificing much on the floor.

IVCguy 12-08-17 11:02 AM


First 15 min+ covers Hiland and Garaway boys and IVC in general. Then goes to W Holmes boys and last 25 minutes is about girls IVC. Good stuff if you want to get a handle on who is who.

IVCguy 12-08-17 07:10 PM

Hiland jumps out 10 zip but Sburg rights ship and trails 12-11 after 1. Things slow down in 2nd qtr. Hiland leads 20 to 18 at half.

TCC is at Garaway tonight. Will report a score when I hear it.

47-19 Garaway at half. Ouch.

Tigers own 3rd qtr. Up 29-22 after 3.

Tigers get a good early win 37-35.

Meatball 12-10-17 07:13 AM

Good win for the Tigers, but you're right IVCguy, it's EARLY. Looks like TCC is going to struggle this year; wonder how long their coach sticks around if that's the case?

IVCguy 12-12-17 03:30 PM

I have a buddy from Screek who loves Adam Hall, and wishes he was still at Gway on the boys or girls side. The turn Coach Hall engineered in the Sburg program is really remarkable - although he has had some talent to do it with. But still, there wasn't a good culture there, and he got his installed in short order with, let's say, not full initial support. He has a formula for winning games, and he executes it. It's not pretty basketball, but if wins and losses are important, he is being really successful.

TCC is interesting. We all seem to admire and respect them. They do more with less, and sometimes when they get some talent, we don't begrudge their success. But what if they were able to get the best players from NP and Dover, and then poach a few players from Claymont, IV, Sburg, Gway, SV, etc. Then I suspect the feelings wouldn't be quite so warm. Lol. Tyrone has done a great job there. Unless TCC wants to up their recruiting efforts, they will have lulls in their ability to compete, but there is something to be said for a coach that can deal with limited bodies and talent, and still be competitive.

Whether he stays there or not depends on what his goals are. I hope most HS coaches are in it to develop kids in sports and life skills. The ones who are seem also to be the ones that win over the long haul, plus they have a ton of young adults who laud them for influencing them in life success. I think Ty is a coach who has the kids and their futures in mind, but he can do that at a lot of places - not just TCC. I think he has done enough to make him a short list candidate for a lot of jobs that come open in the future.

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