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Chop Stix 10-11-16 10:28 PM

Cincinnati Bearcats 2016-2017
Projected Starters

G- Troy Caupain 6-4 SR
G- Kevin Johnson 6-3 SR
G/F- Jacob Evans 6-6 SO
F- Gary Clark 6-8 JR
F- Kyle Washington 6-9 JR

Bench (in order of expected contributions)

F- Quadri Moore 6-8 JR
G- Jarron Cumberland 6-5 FR
G- Justin Jenifer 5-10 SO
F- Tre Scott 6-8 FR
C- Nysier Brooks 6-11 FR


F- Jackson Bart 6-5 FR
F- Zach Tobler 6-5 SR

Transfer (sitting out this season)

G- Cane Broome 6-0 (two years of eligibility remaining)

Key OOC games

Nov. 19- at Rhode Island (in Uncasville, CT)
Nov. 20- Duke/Penn State (in Uncasville, CT)
Dec. 1- at Iowa State
Dec. 10- at Butler
Jan. 26- Xavier

Predictions for this season?

Sweet 16 caliber talent through my eyes, but health will play a major role with less depth than past seasons.

Sig Hansen 10-12-16 01:08 AM


eastside_purple 10-12-16 08:43 AM

Thanks for starting this thread, it appears to be much better than Sig's. Washington is the transfer from NCSt, correct? Hopefully, Cumberland proves to be the real deal and quickly reduces Johnson's minutes. I like the idea of a 3-guard offense of Caupain, Evans, and Cumberland.

ronnie mund 10-12-16 09:19 AM

Expectations seem relatively high. Some publications have them ranked top 20 preseason.

Jim Lahey 10-12-16 09:29 AM

I really hope they can put a functioning offense of the court this year. With incredibly experienced Caupain and Johnson and talented Evans and Cumberland to compliment the guys down low they shouldn't have any issue scoring. But Mick has proven me wrong about that before.

Termite2 11-14-16 07:28 PM

UC is now in both Top 25 polls, in honor of that achievement; they decide to not make any shots outside 4 feet early in the game.

Termite2 11-14-16 07:33 PM

Albany beat Penn St in their opener; they are a decent team team, but UC is playing horribly in the first half.

Termite2 11-14-16 07:45 PM

UC puts on a "offensive" display in the first half, shooting 30%

Termite2 11-14-16 08:55 PM

UC plays better in the second half 74-51

Next up #21 Rhode Island

Termite2 11-14-16 09:13 PM

For those wondering who the AP voters voted for, this is a nice site:


Chop Stix 11-14-16 09:27 PM

Looked like a legit Top 25 team in the second half. If UC can duplicate that energy on both ends of the floor for two halves while staying out of foul trouble they'll have some success in CT.

adselder09 11-19-16 05:08 PM

Poor job by UC down the stretch today against URI. Five players for the Rams had 3 fouls at the 10 minute mark and the Cats were in the bonus. Only one guy fouled out and when they did get to the line their two best foul shooters (Caupain and Evans each miss one). Also not enough plays for Washington down the stretch, he dominated at times today.

ronnie mund 11-19-16 05:14 PM

Evans and Washington were great today. Would have been cool to play Duke.

eastside_purple 11-19-16 06:24 PM

Was hoping this would be a team that beat good teams on neutral floors this year. Oh well.

ronnie mund 12-01-16 09:36 PM

Offense is pathetic, per usual.

Jhubbs77 12-01-16 09:37 PM

This was a great home and home series for UC to get as they can stick around by just kind of out-toughing ISU, but Jesus does their offense suck

Jhubbs77 12-01-16 11:03 PM

UC pulls it out in OT. That would've been a really tough loss considering they got exactly the game they wanted and completely controlled the boards. Still appear to be the same team they've been for what seems like the last 5 years now

eastside_purple 12-01-16 11:06 PM

Ugly game. Great win. Can't see them winning consistently if Caupain plays this poorly offensively.

Jim Lahey 12-02-16 07:57 AM

Forever praying Cronin hires someone who knows what a basketball offense looks like.

Bballer05 12-02-16 09:32 AM

watched this game in parts last night.

how do you only score 50-55 points in an OVERTIME game? is their offense that inefficient? are both team's defenses just that good?

that is really low scoring for an OT game.

however, it really doesn't matter if you end up with more points than the other team. nice road win for the Bearcats. keep racking them up until X comes to the Shoe. should be a great game this year.

Jim Lahey 12-02-16 09:46 AM

Both defenses are pretty good. Also, 2 of UC's better offensive options had off nights, which all athletes are prone to.

I mean you've lived in Cincinnati for the entire Cronin era, I assume, and even though you're an XU fan are you really surprised when his team struggles with offense?

adselder09 12-02-16 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by eastside_purple (Post 6641647)
Ugly game. Great win. Can't see them winning consistently if Caupain plays this poorly offensively.

Caupain has looked awful so far this year. Clark has had some hit or miss games this year as well. Thankfully Evans has picked it up and Washington is a beast inside. Last night was a very good road win over a likely tournament team.

Sig Hansen 12-02-16 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by Jim Lahey (Post 6641848)
Forever praying Cronin hires someone who knows what a basketball offense looks like.


Chop Stix 12-29-16 10:36 AM

Nice road win for the Cats over Temple last night despite not having a single player who could claim a "good" offensive showing.

Good to see the freshmen Cumberland and Scott step up down the stretch in the 2nd half and give the team productive minutes.

Washington remains the biggest question mark after averaging 17.25 ppg over the first 8 games, and now just 8.2 ppg over the past 5. From what I've seen so far, the better the competition, the more his game drops, but hopefully Cronin can get to him soon and have him play smarter on offense with more effort on defense.

Sig Hansen 01-23-17 11:59 AM


Have barely watched the team this year buy it seems like they are actually able to score points. Shootout on Thursday

kent16 01-23-17 01:22 PM

Cats win by +10 tuesday

Termite2 01-23-17 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by kent16 (Post 6682698)
Cats win by +10 tuesday


adselder09 01-23-17 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by Sig Hansen (Post 6682600)

Have barely watched the team this year buy it seems like they are actually able to score points. Shootout on Thursday

They're more fun to watch offensively than they've been in years. Still have moments where they look lost and motion stops but Washington and Evans are more offense first players so when they get the ball they look to score. The one game against Houston every starter hit a 3.

ronnie mund 01-26-17 07:13 PM

Go Bearcats!

eastside_purple 01-26-17 07:32 PM

Of course X goes off from 3 and Washington and Cumberland miss 7 fts.

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