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FormerWildcat 09-20-16 09:10 AM

Mississippi’s Historic Playing Fields
Here's an interesting item about historic preservation of old football stadiums and basketball gyms in Mississippi.


Sykotyk 09-22-16 06:01 AM

I attended a game at Ray Stadium in Meridian back in 2010. Great old concrete stadium.


Wish I had a better camera back then.

FormerWildcat 09-23-16 08:45 PM

Man, you must be do some serious traveling for a living to end up in places like Meridian, MS. :laugh:

Sykotyk 09-24-16 12:33 AM

Not so much anymore. It was fun. But, I like being in one place week-to-week. Though, my wife and I are still planning on attending the state title games in Michigan, West Virginia, and Texas this year. And MAYBE the MetLife New Jersey titles instead of WV.

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