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McClearn7 08-02-18 11:57 AM

Defiance D-3 District Rankings (Off-Season #3)
I’ve started moving wrestlers around from the weights that they wrestled last year. The movement is based off of where wrestlers have wrestled in the off-season, Boro Fan’s information, and some guesswork.
I welcome any insight into where wrestlers will or may be competing next season, because I know that I’m going to be way off on many wrestlers, especially this time of year.

If there are any freshmen listed at the wrong school, feel free to let me know. Also, if there are any other wrestlers who have transferred, decided not to wrestle next year, or graduated (but I mistakenly left them in the rankings), please let me know.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

1. Zack Mattin- Delta (7th state)
2. Tyler Davis- Oak Harbor (SQ)
3. Kole Freeman- Hopewell-Loudon (5th district)
4. Jayden Strickland- South Central (6th district)
5. Gavin Owens- Eastwood (3rd middle school state)
6. Alec Homan- Monroeville
7. Jakey Neer- (Milan) Edison
8. Cameron Henneman- Liberty Center

1. Casey Barnett- (Milan) Edison (1st state)
2. Aidan McAlexander- Antwerp (3rd state)
3. Brandon Hahn- Eastwood (SQ)
4. Cade Petersen- Oak Harbor (7th middle school state)
5. Toran Schroyer- (Millbury) Lake
6. Corey Welsh- Genoa
7. Noah Ulery- Lucas
8. Daniel Belknap- Montpelier

1. Oscar Sanchez- Genoa (2nd, 1st state)
2. Ray Adams- (Milan) Edison (4th, 7th state)
3. Antonio Lecki- (Millbury) Lake (6th state)
4. Reece Mullholand- Carey (5th district)
5. Gabe Meyer- Delta (6th district)
6. Bryce Maynard- Eastwood
7. Dylan Matthews- Liberty Center
8. Randall Mills- Antwerp

1. Cole Mattin- Delta (1st, 6th, 4th state)
2. Cameron Dickman- Oak Harbor (3rd, 7th state)
3. Zack Schaller- Swanton (SQ)
4. Ashton Varney- Montpelier (6th district)
5. Devin D’Emilio- Genoa
6. Luke Wamer- (Millbury) Lake
7. Andrew Francis- Archbold
8. Dino Donaldson- Van Buren

1. Julian Sanchez- Genoa (2nd, 2nd, 6th state)
2. Dakota Blanton- (Ashland) Crestview (7th state)
3. Matthew Dewitz- Oak Harbor (5th district)
4. David Garcia- Gibsonburg (6th district)
5. Aidan Fry-Silva- (Collins) Western Reserve
6. Caden Crawford- Hopewell-Loudon
7. Wyatt Lucas- Arcadia
8. Ryan Gross- St. Paul

1. Dylan D’Emilio- Genoa (1st, 1st, 1st state)
2. Jordan Keegan- (Milan) Edison (6th state)
3. Tad Jensen- Oak Harbor (SQ)
4. Zach Rocha- Archbold (5th district)
5. Jacob Martz- (Collins) Western Reserve*
6. Maguire Vollmar- Liberty Center*
7. Colton Falk- Northwood
8. Corey Loera- Elmwood

1. Dusty Morgillo- Genoa (3rd state)
2. Will Roth- St. Mary C.C. (6th district, 5th district 2017)
3. Teryn DeBold- Seneca E. (SQ)
4. Shadrick Slone- (Milan) Edison (1st middle school state)
5. Dawson Swicegood- Delta (5th district)
6. Carl Yaney- Liberty Center
7. Austin Fulton- Bucyrus
8. Bailey Glavich- (Collins) Western Reserve

1. Kevin Contos- Genoa (6th district, 6th state 2017)
2. Jacob Dillon- McComb (5th district)
3. Tyler Kay- Liberty Center (6th district)
4. Gunnar Endicott- Elmwood (5th middle school state 2017)
5. Brennan Short- Archbold
6. Remington Bauer- (Milan) Edison (5th middle school state)
7. Morgan Price- Mohawk
8. Zane Jankowski- Eastwood

1. James Limongi- Genoa (3rd, 1st state)
2. Trevor Franks- Lakota (SQ)
3. Brady Jaso- Gibsonburg (SQ)
4. Carlton Roberts- Rossford (SQ)
5. D.J. Slone- Willard (6th district)
6. Miciah Ankney- Hicksville
7. Jacob Stewart- Genoa
8. Justin Cole- (Millbury) Lake

1. Ryan Marvin- Swanton (8th state)
2. J.D. Osborn- Delta (5th district)
3. Kasyn Schaffner- Archbold
4. Caden Brown- Ayersville
5. Sam Meyer- St. Paul (6th district 2017)
6. Tim Meyer- Tinora
7. Joe Stoll- (Milan) Edison
8. Brian Floyd- Evergreen

1. Bailey Mendoza- Gibsonburg (3rd, 5th state)
2. Tanner May- Carey (5th, 6th state)
3. T.J. Rhamy- Patrick Henry (6th state)
4. Jacob Brewer- (Milan) Edison
5. Mason Babcock- Archbold (SQ)
6. Antonio Quezada- Genoa
7. Garrett Wright- Elmwood
8. Tony Vasquez- Plymouth

1. Will Morrow- Patrick Henry (7th state)
2. Jacob Sage- Oak Harbor (8th state)
3. Mitchell Phillips- New London
4. Gibson Burkholder- Archbold
5. Micah Ritter- Edgerton
6. Tyler Echler- Liberty Center
7. Juan Castillo- Tinora*
8. Brian Martin- Genoa

1. Caleb Carpenter- Liberty Center (6th state)
2. Montgomery Walls- Monroeville
3. Travis Degler-Meade- Ayersville
4. Will Bechstein- Elmwood
5. Austin Kohlhofer- Delta (5th middle school state)
6. Alex Duran- Genoa
7. Roger Hall- Fostoria
8. Tim Straka- (Milan) Edison

1. Noah Price- (Fremont) St. Joseph C.C. (3rd state)
2. Noah Koch- Genoa (3rd state)
3. Kain Brossia- Elmwood (SQ)
4. Caden Hill- (Ashland) Crestview
5. Dalton Richard- Delta (SQ)
6. Raven Brant- Willard (6th district)
7. John Hill- Arcadia
8. Ethan Schlack- Carey

1. Genoa
2. (Milan) Edison
3. Delta
4. Oak Harbor
5. Liberty Center
6. Archbold
7. Gibsonburg
8. Elmwood

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce

rjewards 08-02-18 02:49 PM

9 state champs???

jmog 08-02-18 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by rjewards (Post 7077058)
9 state champs???

Borofan currently has...6

If I counted correctly, borofan has:

Gar Hts-5

rjewards 08-03-18 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by jmog (Post 7077068)
Borofan currently has...6

If I counted correctly, borofan has:

Gar Hts-5


Crimsonblooded 08-29-18 05:18 AM

When is the next update for the district rankings?

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