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McClearn7 06-06-17 04:31 PM

Waite D-3 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)
I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

These off-season rankings will start off with the wrestlers listed at the weights that they wrestled in the 2016-2017 season.
I’ll move wrestlers up and down as the off-season progresses (and add the incoming freshmen into the rankings eventually). Feel free to let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.
I will also move teams up and down when the new divisional breakdowns are available.

* = unsure about participation

# = 2 wrestlers from the same team listed (I will add additional wrestlers to the rankings at these weights)

-The schools of the incoming freshmen are based off of the previous Yappi thread. Please let me know if any are wrong or have changed.

1. Oscar Sanchez- Genoa (1st state)
2. Ray Adams- (Milan) Edison (7th state)
3. Jake Manley- Otsego (SQ)
4. Gage Griffith- Western Reserve (5th district, 6th district 2016)
5. Zack Schaller – Swanton (6th district)
6. Aidan McAlexander- Antwerp
7. Antonio Lecki- (Millbury) Lake
8. Mason Glaze- Eastwood

Incoming Freshmen:
Zack Mattin- Delta (1st middle school state)
Casey Barnett – Edison (4th middle school state)
Kole Freeman - Hopewell Loudon (6th middle school state)

Sanchez made the most of his first season as a full time starter, claiming a state title to end the year.
Earlier in the season he claimed a runner-up finish at Medina where he beat D-2 state finalist Cole McComas 3-2 in the semifinals.
Later, Oscar would bump up to 113 at the St. Mary’s D-3 Duals where he beat 2x state placer Dylan Burns 5-3 in the final.
Sanchez rolled through the sectional and district tournaments where an 8-3 district finals win over Jared Fahrer was the only bout that was limited to a decision.
He bested 4th place finisher Collin Yinger 11-4 in the state quarterfinals the next week before knocking off his greatest threat Ethan Turner 4-1 in the semifinals. Sanchez ended his year with a 14-2 major over Wyatt Riddle to claim his first state gold medal.

1. Dylan D’Emilio- Genoa (1st, 1st state)
2. Dylan Burns- (Milan) Edison (4th, 5th state)
3. Cameron Dickman- Oak Harbor (7th state)
4. Jordan Bowers- Tinora (SQ)
5. Will Roth- St. Mary C.C. (5th district)
6. Mike Morganstern- Clear Fork
7. Tyler Sandwisch- Woodmore (6th district)
8. Cameron Pollard- Otsego

Incoming Freshman:
Brandon Hahn – Eastwood (8th middle school state)

Last year, D’Emilio placed 4th at an always loaded Ironman Tournament and then went undefeated for the remainder of the season.
Among his Ironman wins was a 3-1 sudden victory defeat of D-1 state champion Brakan Mead.
D’Emilio defeated Burns 15-0 in the district semifinals and then he added a pin over Dickman in the district finals to claim a second consecutive district title.
After a first period pin in the opening round of the state tournament, D’Emilio added another first period pin in the quarters where he stuck 2x state placer Camron Neal.
He would follow those wins with a 5-0 shutout of 2x state placer Zach Larue in the semifinals before pinning 2x state finalist Greg Quinn in the championship bout to claim another state title.

1. Julian Sanchez- Genoa (2nd, 6th state)
2. Cole Mattin- Delta (6th, 4th state)
3. Dakota Blanton- South Central (SQ)
4. Trevor Schaller- Swanton (5th district, SQ 2016)
5. Gabe Mina-Vasquez- (Milan) Edison (6th district)
6. Tad Jansen- Oak Harbor
7. Matthew Dewitz- Oak Harbor#
8. Jesse Wright- Otsego
(9.) Ashton Varney- Montpelier*

Sanchez had some impressive performances last season, book-ending his year with an Ironman placement at the beginning of the year and his first state finals appearance at the end of the season.
He also claimed a 3rd place finish at Medina where he beat state placers Gus Sutton (9-2), Logan Heil (3-1), and Eric Bartos (3-1OT).
Sanchez bested returning state placers Cole Mattin (4-3) and Evan Guilford (5-0) in the district semis and finals on his way to the gold medal.
He defeated state placers in the first three rounds of the state tournament downing Carter Wolf (9-1) in the first round, knocking off nationally ranked Graham Shore (4-2) in the quarters and, besting Jacson Muldrew 7-2 in the semifinals to reach the title bout.
The win over Shore avenged a loss from the state tournament the prior season.

1. Dusty Morgillo- Genoa (SQ)
2. Dylan Cook- Swanton (6th district)
3. Gus Mancuso- Otsego
4. Tyler Ramage- Western Reserve
5. Trent Werner- (Milan) Edison
6. Andy Hinojosa- Tinora
7. Colton Falk- Northwood
8. Matthew Pierce- McComb

Morgillo wrestled a hellacious schedule for a freshman but was better for the experience, ending his first season at the state tournament.
He went 0-2 at Ironman but the two losses were 5-3 and 4-1 respectively to D-1 state placers Michael North and Josh Breeding.
Morgillo posted a 3-2 overtime win over state placer Gavin Grime at the D-3 duals while bumping up to 132.
At the district tournament, he bested Werner (10-0), Falk (2:29), Mancuso (14-3), and Cook (7-4) to earn his first state tournament birth.

1. Gavin Grime- Archbold (8th state)
2. Gage Pachlhofer- Swanton (SQ 2015)*
3. Jacob Hahn- Eastwood (6th district)
4. David Patterson- N. Baltimore
5. Nate Vasquez- Fremont St. Joseph C.C.
6. Daniel Price- Mohawk (SQ 2016)
7. Corey Loera- Elmwood
8. Darry Endicott- Lakota

Grime made a return trip to the state tournament last season after a year long hiatus, and his second trip landed him his first state medal.
He was impressive all season long, besting state qualifier Nick Schneider 4-2 while placing 3rd at Clay, and also posting two wins a piece over state qualifiers Reilly Heater and Gage Pachlhofer.
Grime earned a 3rd place finish at the district tournament where he beat returning state qualifier Daniel Price 4-3 in the tiebreak in the quarterfinals.
He posted a 13-12 shootout win over 2x state placer Michael Sergent in the first round of the state tournament, and he added yet another win over Heater (5-4) in the blood rounds to claim his first state medal.

1. D.J. McNett- Otsego (7th state)
2. Austin Eick- Rossford (SQ)
3. Sam Meyer- St. Paul (6th district)
4. Jacob Dillon- McComb
5. Noah Saunders- Swanton
6. Tyler Kay- Liberty Center
7. Isaiah Colvin- Cory-Rawson
8. Christian Alcado- Elmwood

Incoming Freshman:
Gunnar Endicott – Elmwood (5th middle school state)

McNett was a stalwart performer last season beating returning state placer Adam Bates (5-2) in a dual meet, downing Drew Newton 5-3 in sudden victory at Perrysburg, and besting state qualifier Eick 3-0 in the NBC Tournament.
At the state tournament, McNett beat Billy Luft 9-3 in the first round of consolation bouts to reach the blood rounds. Here, he pinned Eick in the 3rd period to avenge a loss from the sectional finals and earn a spot on the podium. McNett added a default win over 2x state placer Chase Sumner in his final bout to land a 7th place finish.

1. Chase Moore- Swanton (7th state, 8th state 2015)
2. Tyler Ludwig- Van Buren (5th district)
3. Wayne Frey- Riverdale (6th district)
4. Tanner Rauch- Liberty Center
5. D.J. Slone- Willard
6. Jonathon Auld- Gibsonburg
7. Morgan Price- Mohawk
8. Alex Henry- Tinora

Moore claimed a second state medal last season after racking up a slew of quality wins throughout the year.
He bested state placer Bailey Slattman 8-2 at the Fricker Duals, downed state placer Dawson Hoselton 7-2 at the GMVWA, and defeated 2x state placer Hugo Villarreal in the finals at Van Buren.
Moore rebounded from a first round loss to 3x state placer Stan Bleich in the first round of the state tournament to earn a 6-2 win over Jonas Proffitt and a 5-3 win over district champ Conor Becker to guarantee a spot on the podium. He ended his season with a pin of Dawson Hoselton to better his previous placement and earn a 7th place finish.

1. Hugo Villarreal- Gibsonburg (6th, 8th state)
2. Ryan Marvin- Swanton
3. Trevor Franks- Lakota
4. Collin Mancuso- (Milan) Edison (6th district 2015)
5. Rico Lopez- Mohawk
6. Brody Degryse- Edgerton
7. Brian Floyd- Evergreen
8. Bryer Bentley- Montpelier

I’ve underrated Villarreal both of the past two seasons, and he’s placed increasingly higher at state tournament at the end of both years.
He earned a 5-3 win over fellow state placer Adam Bates in their state dual showdown last year down at 145 before making the savvy move to jump up to 152 for the post season.
Villarreal placed 3rd at sectionals and 2nd at the district tournament, posting wins over Franks (6-1), Mancuso (13-3), Lopez (6-0), and state placer Bailey Slattman (9-7) at the two events.
In Columbus, Villarreal picked up a win by DQ over state placer Wyatt Lefker in the first round of the state tournament before pinning eventual 5th place finisher Forest Belli in the quarterfinals to reach his first state semifinals and pick up a second podium finish.

1. James Limongi- Genoa (1st state)
2. Connor Kwiat- Calvert (SQ)
3. Parker Brown- Mohawk (5th district, SQ 2016)
4. Garrett Mapes- Oak Harbor (6th district)
5. Brady Jaso- Gibsonburg
6. Ty Hussar- Rossford (6th district 2016)
7. Austin Grubb- Montpelier
8. Juan Castillo- Tinora

Incoming Freshman:
Connor Oberhouse – Eastwood (8th middle school state)

Limongi continues to impress me more and more every time I see him wrestle.
I wasn’t aware of him at all until I saw him put on a sterling performance at Medina during his freshman year.
He started last season at 152 where he wrestled at Ironman, but was out of the line-up for about a month after that.
Upon his return, Limongi wrestled 160, posting a pair of dual meet wins over state qualifier Parker Brown and a pair of pins over Ty Hussar at the NBC and sectional tournaments.
He added a 3rd win over Brown in the district quarterfinals the next week before pinning state placer Jonah Brown in the semifinals and besting Dalton Burns 3-1 in sudden victory in the finals to claim his first district title.
Limongi would be even better at the state tournament, downing 3x state placer Luke Sorboro 3-0 in the quarterfinals to secure a spot on the podium.
Not satisfied with just placing, Limongi, pinned Steele Strout in the semifinals and toughed out a 1-0 win over Lance Miller in the finals to claim a state championship as a sophomore.

1. Bailey Mendoza- Gibsonburg (5th state)
2. Xavier Beach- Genoa (5th district)
3. Jackson Hart- Fairview
4. Tim Meyer- Tinora
5. John-Mason Neer (Milan) Edison
6. Cade Rogers- (Ashland) Crestview
7. Jacob Laplante- Rossford
8. Seth Welch- Eastwood

Mendoza is another Gibsonburg wrestler who I overlooked last year, and he like his teammate Villarreal, ended his season on the state podium.
He earned a championship at Van Buren where he posted an impressive 8-4 win over state qualifier Noah Baker in the finals.
Mendoza added a second win over Baker (7-6) and a win over state qualifier Trevor Mack (10-3) at the sectional tournament to claim the title.
The next week he stepped up his performance to an even higher plateau, knocking off returning state finalist Cole Draper 3-2 in the district semifinals on the way to another tournament title.
Mendoza reached his first state semifinal after beating Christian Blank (10-4) and Jonathan Moorman (9-3) in the first two rounds of the tournament. He closed out his season with a 6-5 win over Chris Langguth in the 5th place final to cement himself as one of the state title threats for the 2018 season.

1. Tanner May- Carey (6th state)
2. Dylan Rogers- Delta (6th district)
3. Colton Campbell- (Ashland) Crestview
4. Aiden Loveridge- Riverdale
5. Hunter Wymer- N. Baltimore*
6. Tche Leroux- Monroeville
7. Brock Martin- Seneca E.
8. Mitchel Reisinger- Swanton

May was an immediate impact performer as a freshman last year, placing 6th at the state tournament to conclude the year.
He picked up a 16-8 major over state qualifier Mason Burger in the state duals and added a tournament title at Lima C.C. where he pinned state qualifier Tyler Ebbeskotte in the finals.
May placed 4th at his first district tournament losing only to state 3rd and 4th place finishers Grossman and Jaso by a point apiece.
He posted an 8-3 win over district champ Austin Carroll in the first round of the state tournament and added a 5-1 win over 7th place finisher Jerome Bey in the quarterfinals to lock up a 6th place finish.

1. Sam Stoll- (Milan) Edison (7th, 4th state)
2. Dylan Hinton- Elmwood (SQ)
3. Caleb Carpenter- Liberty Center (SQ)
4. Jacob Sage- Oak Harbor (5th district)
5. Crew Oberheim- Swanton (SQ)
6. Joseph Shirley- Calvert (6th district)
7. Gabe Scott- Genoa
8. Noah Grochowalski- Galion

Stoll followed his exceptional football season with a second state medal in a loaded 195 field this past year.
Among his plethora of wins was a 3-2 victory over returning D-2 state finalist Tony Banister at Ironman, and 8-3 win over state placer Garrett Bledsoe at Brecksville, and a 5-3 win over state placer Josh Bialosky at the D-3 Duals.
Stoll pounded the field at the sectional tournament and then beat state qualifiers Oberheim (0:55), Hinton (6-3), and Carpenter (4-2) consecutively at the district tournament to earn the title.
In Columbus, Stoll pinned Hunter Foster and Jacob Campbell and added a default win over 2x state placer Jake Burns while earning his second consecutive state medal.

1. Noah Price- (Fremont) St. Joseph C.C. (SQ)
2. Chris Kuhn- St. Mary’s C.C. (SQ)
3. Seth Bailey- Plymouth
4. Trevor Short- Archbold
5. Bryce Lutz- Buckeye Central
6. Greg Wilson- Swanton
7. Spencer Martin- Tinora
8. Zerich Magnall- Cory-Rawson

Price made a splash in his sophomore season, qualifying for his first state tournament and finishing a bout shy of placement.
Early in the year he beat state qualifier Kyle Walsh 9-3 in the finals at Northwood to claim the tournament title.
Price would later finish 2nd to state champ Dylan Thorp at the SBC Tournament where he defeated Chris Kuhn 3-1 in the quarterfinals.
A few weeks later, Price bested returning state qualifier Tyler Tudor 10-5 in the consolation semifinals of the district tournament of earn his first set of state tickets.
Despite falling in the blood round, Price posted a 3-2 win over returning state placer Hunter Bodkin in the first consolation round.

1. Mason Weldon- Galion (SQ)
2. Tommy Lytle- Swanton (SQ)
3. Lane Fry- (Ashland) Crestview
4. C.J. McCrimmon- St. Mary’s C.C.
5. Noah Koch- Genoa
6. Dakota Klotz- Lakota
7. Nick Maury- Calvert
8. John Hill- Arcadia

Weldon earned a sectional title on the merit of a 31 second pin over Maury in the finals.
A week later, he pinned McCrimmon, Wes Bok, and Lytle on his way to a 3rd place finish at the Waite District tournament, earning him a spot in his first state tournament.
Weldon also earned wins over Fry, Dillon Farley, and Ethan Brown over the course of the year.
His two losses at the state tournament were to state placers Seth Douglas and Brayden Phillips.

1. Genoa
2. Swanton
3. (Milan) Edison
4. Gibsonburg
5. Otsego
6. Oak Harbor
7. Tinora
8. Mohawk

The team rankings are based off of the returning wrestlers, and do not yet include incoming freshmen or last year’s reserve wrestlers who may be starting and contributing next season.

Genoa will be on the short list of teams who will be in the hunt for a state title in 2018.
They return 3 state champs, another state finalist, a state qualifier, and a state alternate.
Another wrestler to keep an eye on will be heavyweight Koch who will be a threat to qualify and place at state.
I don’t know much about their incoming freshman other than Devin D’Emilio who will be a force in the lower-weights if he can crack the dense Genoa line-up.

Swanton will likely be the deepest team in this district from top to bottom next season. They may not have the top end firepower to surpass Genoa at the state level, but a district title is certainly within the realm of possibility.
Lytle, Moore, Oberheim, Pachlhofer, and Schaller all return with state experience. Add in wrestlers like Anderson, Wilson, Saunders, Schaller, Reisinger, Marvin, Cook, and Leahey, and you have a team who could make a run at the state dual title.

Edison loses state champ Barnett, state placer Neuberger, and state qualifier Dalton Burns to graduation, but they still return a talented team that boasts state placers Stoll, Burns, and Adams.
Mancuso, Mina-Vasquez, Neer, and Warner will provide the added depth to this team that should have them in contention for another district trophy.

Gibsonburg will be a team on the rise this season. Led by state placers Villarreal and Mendoza, the team also has talented wrestlers like Brady Jaso, David Garcia, and Jon Auld who will all make a run at the state tournament.
Only Villarreal will graduate from that group, so they should push for a top 8 finish in 2019 as well.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce

Whizzer King 06-08-17 04:53 AM

Always a good read Max.

I am willing to bet Otsego and Edison will be D-2 next year. I guess we find out today.

McClearn7 06-08-17 06:58 AM


Originally Posted by Whizzer King (Post 6775570)
Always a good read Max.

I am willing to bet Otsego and Edison will be D-2 next year. I guess we find out today.

Thanks for the kind words and the update.
I'll start moving the teams around for the next set of rankings, and I'll try to start moving wrestlers around to weights that they may wrestle in the coming season.
They'll likely be pretty far off for a few months, but hopefully they'll gain accuracy as we approach the season.

reversecradle 06-17-17 07:24 AM

At 145, Chase Moore and Wayne Frey wrestled in the quarter finals at districts and Frey came out on top 3-2 only surrending an escape and a stalling point in the biggest upset of the tournament.

split_finger 06-17-17 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by reversecradle (Post 6779713)
At 145, Chase Moore and Wayne Frey wrestled in the quarter finals at districts and Frey came out on top 3-2 only surrending an escape and a stalling point in the biggest upset of the tournament.

And many questioned whether or not he tanked that match to have a smooth draw in the consolation rounds to get back to state...

alda1113 06-19-17 02:12 PM

I think Gage Griffith was a senior last year.

coachjw 06-19-17 10:16 PM

I think Whizzer King is half right, Edison D3, Otsego is D2 along with ClearFork and Galion.
I also had 106 Griffith as a senior.
Did enjoy looking and thinking wrestling for next year.

McClearn7 06-20-17 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by alda1113 (Post 6780261)
I think Gage Griffith was a senior last year.

You're right. I'll remove him from the next set of rankings.

Moore75 06-20-17 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by reversecradle (Post 6779713)
at 145, chase moore and wayne frey wrestled in the quarter finals at districts and frey came out on top 3-2 only surrending an escape and a stalling point in the biggest upset of the tournament.


whodey86 06-20-17 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by Whizzer King (Post 6775570)
Always a good read Max.

I am willing to bet Otsego and Edison will be D-2 next year. I guess we find out today.

How'd this turn out? D2/D3

bucksman 06-20-17 09:25 PM

Otsego D2
Milan Edison D3

Koleslaw 06-20-17 10:26 PM

Where do you find this information? I've looked almost everywhere..

reversecradle 06-24-17 04:06 PM

A kid threw a match for an easier route? I'm not saying right, wrong or indifferent but that's odd.

Julio02 06-24-17 08:34 PM

Many times the 4th best wrestler is at the mercy of the bracket and may not make it out if they get bounced to the same side of the consies as the #3. I'm not saying right, wrong, or indifferent either.....but very intelligent if it was the case in this situation. And I believe all 4 state qualifiers from waite hit the podium at state because of it.

Whizzer King 06-25-17 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by reversecradle (Post 6782236)
A kid threw a match for an easier route? I'm not saying right, wrong or indifferent but that's odd.

I'm thinking it happens more than people would like.

Crimsonblooded 07-22-17 10:47 AM

Look forward to following updates

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