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Yappi 02-02-18 06:12 PM

Federal League 2018
What are your expectations for the 2018 season?

Canton McKinley
North Canton Hoover

panther1978 02-07-18 12:14 PM

Perry, Hoover, Green and Lake all have the pitching to contend for the Fed title. God willing Perry can take the next step and get out of the district.

Dewey7 02-23-18 09:36 PM

If you’re saying it’s based off of pitching then GlenOak and Jackson are contenders as well. They have Otani and Cutts and both are pretty good. I don’t know much about Green but with the TB program they should be very competitive. Perry probably has the most depth/experience 1-9 but I heard there tryout numbers were lower than in the past. North Canton will always contend but not sure they care about winning the federal as much as they do Districts. Lake is young (Only 1 Senior) but has a ton of TB players in the Junior and Soph classes. The season shouldn’t be boring that’s for sure.

ccrunner4815 03-14-18 08:12 PM

Good luck Hoover Vikings!!

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