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Possessed 04-12-17 04:09 PM

Charlie Murphy is dead
Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphie, is dead. He wrote "Norbit" and made several other small appearances. I think most of us remember him from the Chappelle show. His stand up was pretty funny. 57 yo, died of leukemia they say.

Raider6309 04-12-17 04:19 PM



afwpatfire 04-12-17 04:34 PM


A great contributor to probably the best and most influential comedy show of my generation. Will never forget him in the Rick James and Prince (who both coincidently have passed on) skits on Chappelle Show.

clarkgriswold 04-12-17 04:44 PM

Funny dude. My earliest memories of him were Eddie talking about things in the youth while doing standup back in the 80s.

Uncle Ted 04-12-17 07:33 PM

Def funny guy. Rip. Loved him in the prince skit on Chappelle

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