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Metacomet 08-07-17 10:04 AM

Solon Comets 2017
I'm sorry I didn't start this thread months ago. Work has kept me much too busy.

The Solon Comets are coming off a 10-2 season, one in which they were ranked in the top 10 of the AP Division 1 poll for most of the season. Solon is also the two-time defending Greater Cleveland Conference champion. The Comets return about half their starters. There is cause for optimism about Solon's chances for emulating their recent success. But there is also reason for concern. The Comet program was jolted last week when two of its best players, linebacker Casey Maniglia and corner Ryan McCurry, decided against coming out for the team, in order to concentrate on their baseball careers. Maniglia has accepted a baseball scholarship to the University of North Carolina, while McCurry has a number of college offers. Both players will be missed.

However, Solon returns some first rate talent, including 1,000 yard-plus tailback Thomas Wilks, University of Cincinnati-bound WR/DB Taj Ward and junior DE/OT Nate Leskovec, who has already received an off from Wake Forest.

The Comets also return several other standouts: WR/DB Andrew Mason; QB/DB J.T. Caver; TE/DB David Marbury; DE/LB Jack Miller.

I'm not sure what the starting lineup will look like but here's my best guess:

QB - Battle between seniors Joe Cartellone and J.T. Caver. Cartellone was last year's backup, while Caver excelled at safety.

RB - Thomas Wilks gave Solon its best performance by a tailback since Brandon Shimits, more than a decade before. He should be an all-Ohio candidate. Wilks is a senior. Soph backup R.J. Howard is a future star.

WR - Taj Ward and Andrew Mason are the latest great pair of WRs for the Comets. Receiver has been a position of excellence for Solon in recent years. Ward is the wideout, while Mason plays the slot. Mason is a TD machine when he gets the ball. He was probably underutilized last year, but the Comets had a whole lot of weapons. Sammy Bubonics will probably start at the other WR, and he has loads of speed and potential. Sophs Dominic McGhee and maybe Grant McCurry will see playing time. Junior David Marbury is the TE when Solon needs one.

OL - The O line is the biggest question mark on the team. All five starters from a very good 2016 line are gone. Junior Nate Leskovec platooned at tackle, so he brings some experience with him. He'll be first-rate. Senior Nathan Kresevic will probably start at center and Will Taylor should start at one of the guard spots. Both played extensively as backups last year. The other two spots? I don't know. Some of the guys battling for starting jobs include Nolan McNamara, Ron Carr, David Sparano and sophs Tommy Lucarelli and William Zsigrai.

Most of last year's defensive line returns though the one guy who did graduate, Jacob Gross, was a very good player. Da'Veon Parker returns at nose tackle and he should be a candidate for post-season honors. Leskovec and Marbury return at the ends and they form on of the best end tandems in NE Ohio. Senior Jack Miller rotated in at end last year, but I hear he's likely to replace Maniglia at LB this fall. The tackle spot next to Parker is wide open. I'm guessing that Kresevic and Taylor will probably platoon there. Soph Ben Truong also has a chance. Soph Owen Bell is a future star at DE, but he'll have to wait his turn.

As stated, Miller will move from DE to outside LB. I expect soph R.J. Howard to start in the middle. He's got big-time talent and I believe he'll be a star. I'm guessing that special teams ace Marquis Churn will start at the other OLB spot.

Ward and Mason will lead the secondary, along with Caver, if he doesn't start at QB. Bubonics, McGee and perhaps Grant McCurry will lend a hand.

Last year's starting kicker, Andy Baek, graduated but a pair of sophs looked great kicking in freshman ball last year. Harrison Rich is one. Unfortunately, I can't remember the other kid's name.

Metacomet 08-07-17 10:13 AM

Here is Solon's 2017 schedule:

1. Aug. 25: Aurora H
2. Sept. 1: @ Twinsburg
3. Sept. 8: @ Stow
4. Sept. 15: @ Elyria
5. Sept. 22: Strongsville H (Homecoming)
6. Sept. 28: Brunswick H
7. Oct. 6: @ Euclid
8. Oct. 13: Mentor H
9. Oct. 21: @ Shaker Heights
10. Oct. 27: Medina H

Metacomet 08-07-17 10:24 AM

Right now, Solon is a difficult team to predict. Some sites, such as Calpreps, have the Comets rated among the best teams in the state. Certainly, Solon has talent and speed, but with a new QB, an uproven O-line and uncertainty with the absence of Maniglia and McCurry, there are concerns. Do the Comets have enough depth to remain a GCC and Region 1 contender? We'll know a lot more tomorrow, when the Comets welcome St. Ignatius to Stewart Field for a 10 a.m. practice that looks like a scrimmage to me.

I'll try to write up a summary of the scrimmage :p sometime tomorrow.

One more thing: Since Hurri-Comet's passing, I'm really the only regular Solon poster on Yappi. We've had a few others come and go over the years. I know that plenty of Solon people read this stuff. But I could use a little help. How about some of you joining up and posting your thoughts? You might be surprised to discover just how worthwhile your perspective can be. At times last year, I felt as if I was writing for myself when I posted. Feel free to offer your opinions.

Wildcatwarrior 08-07-17 11:03 AM

Thanks, MetaComet, we'll look forward to seeing the Comets tomorrow.

Mr. Red Raider 08-07-17 12:15 PM

Absolutely. I might go up to Solon and watch the scrimmage tomorrow morning.

cardzfan1234 08-07-17 01:31 PM

Good info, Meta. Solon should have a strong team again. I expect the Week 8 game to decide the GCC. Solon is probably the pre-season favorite to win the league and the region's best chance at keeping Ignatius/Eds from winning Region 1.

It is hard to think of Solon without thinking of Hurri-Comet. He will continue to be missed. RIP Hurri

Maple Stang 08-07-17 04:22 PM

Solon also lost Soph. Joey Formani. Arguably the best in the soph. class

cardzfan1234 08-07-17 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by Metacomet (Post 6801842)
The Comet program was jolted last week when two of its best players, linebacker Casey Maniglia and corner Ryan McCurry, decided against coming out for the team, in order to concentrate on their baseball careers. Maniglia has accepted a baseball scholarship to the University of North Carolina, while McCurry has a number of college offers. Both players will be missed.

More victims to specialization. This is happening more and more these days, even though it is often widely reported a very high percentage of professional athletes played multiple sports in high school. Although I will say that given the amount of evidence we have pertaining to the risk that comes with playing football, that is one sport where I can see parents/athletes saying, "thanks, but no thanks." The rewards of playing football on the side of playing your "primary" sport is not likely worth the risks (concussions, CTE, etc.).

Mr. Red Raider 08-07-17 07:09 PM

Ryan McCurry actually committed to the University of Indiana last week for baseball. Both were really good at football last year and baseball this year.

I wonder if Joey Formani decided to focus on lacrosse, if he played last season. I thought Brett Shannon was also supposed to be in the mix for quarterback. Is he still playing this season? He actually did pretty well in the couple of times I saw him play last year.

Maple Stang 08-08-17 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by Mr. Red Raider (Post 6802233)
Ryan McCurry actually committed to the University of Indiana last week for baseball. Both were really good at football last year and baseball this year.

I wonder if Joey Formani decided to focus on lacrosse, if he played last season. I thought Brett Shannon was also supposed to be in the mix for quarterback. Is he still playing this season? He actually did pretty well in the couple of times I saw him play last year.

Joey went to St. Edward to play football.

Metacomet 08-08-17 01:06 PM

Wow!!! I just got back from Solon's scrimmage with St. Ignatius. The Comets looked very, very good. In fact, I think it's safe to say that Solon took it to the Wildcats just a bit. Neither varsity team scored on any of the long yardage possessions. During the drills that started from the defense's 20 yard line, the Comets outscored the Wildcats, 3 TDs to 1. And Solon moved the ball with more consistency throughout the morning. In the JV/backup part of the scrimmage, the Wildcats did outscore the Comets, 2 TDs to 0. But that's to be expected. Ignatius has nearly twice as many players as Solon. The Cats will always be deeper in reserve talent.

There were lots of smiling faces in the Solon stands after the scrimmage. Yesterday, I said that the Comets were a difficult team to predict. But today's performance was very encouraging. I'm much more optimistic about the team now.

Joe Cartellone started at QB, with J.T. Caver getting nearly equal time. Joey was outstanding (and he's grown to 6-4). He threw the ball better than I've seen before. He had flawless touch on long passes and zip on inside stuff. During the 20-yard session, Solon scored on its first three plays (all from the 20, of course). The first TD was a perfectly thrown slant to Taj Ward, who fought off tight coverage to make the catch. The second score was a beautiful fade to the left to junior WR Travon Raphael. Travon caught the ball in the corner of the end zone. Raphael is 6-4 and he's a new addition to the team. I believe he's a move-in. He's got talent and he'll really help the Comet offense. The third TD came on a jet sweep by Andrew Mason.

The Wildcats scored on a pass play during the 20-yard session. But the Comet defense stopped Ignatius on downs one time and thwarted the Wildcats with a Caver interception on their next possession.

Ignatius broke off one long run during the long yardage drills that might have set up a score, but it was the last play in their sequence, so nothing came of it.

Let me run through Solon's lineup:

QB - Right now, it looks as if Cartellone will be the starter. He really showed improvement. Caver didn't have quite the touch that Joey did but he looked great running the ball.

RB - Thomas Wilks didn't score a TD but he looked like a force running the ball. Jeff Barnett got backup carries and he looked good, too.

WR - The starters were Ward, Mason and Sammy Bubonics. Raphael rotated in with the starters. Corey Jackson and Nate Miller were the two backups I noticed. David Marbury was the H-back/TE, with Nick Close backing him up.

O-Line - The most encouraging thing today, apart from Cartellone's performance, was the play of the offensive line. They protected the QB and they opened holes for Wilks on just about every play. The starters were Nate Leskovec and Ron Carr at the tackles, with Nathan Kresevic at center, Will Taylor at one guard, with Nolan McNamara and Julian Broderick splitting time at the other. Jack Miller backed up at tackle and Zac Fry, Wayne Chaney and Da'Veon Parker backed up on the inside.

D-Line - Leskovec, Marbury and Jack Miller all rotated at end and all three were outstanding. I thought Leskovec was the most impressive player on either team, regardless of position. Marbury wasn't far behind and Miller wasn't far behind Marbury. They dominated the Cats' tackles. I'd heard that Miller was moving to LB, but I must have heard wrong. Parker excelled at nose tackle. The other tackle spot was a rotation between McNamara, Broderick, Yusef Russell and Leskovec, who played nearly as much at tackle as he did at end. When he slid inside, Marbury and Miller played end.

At linebacker, it was Marquis Churn and Jeff Barnett on the outside, with Michael Laubscher in the middle. All three guys looked quick and tackled well. Soph R.J. Howard sat out with an injury, and I heard that he's got a chance to start. Zyon Mowry and Luke Calvetta were the backups.

The secondary was Ward and Corey Jackson at corner, with Caver and Mason at safety. Bubonics, Nate Miller and David Paschal played as backups. Soph Grant McCurry didn't play because of an injury, but he'll be part of the mix.

Right now, it appears that senior soccer player Michael Rutsky might be the placekicker. Nolan McNamara looks as if he'll be the punter.

Metacomet 08-08-17 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by Maple Stang (Post 6802528)
Joey went to St. Edward to play football.

I was very disappointed when I heard the other day that Formani transferred to St. Edward. He's a major talent. I believe that he would have started at linebacker for the Comet varsity this fall. Ed's has a dozen Joey Formanis. He'll play JV ball this year, probably wait his turn on the bench next year, and maybe start as a senior in 2019. I hope he succeeds at Ed's. But he'll find that winning a starting job there is a much steeper hill to climb than it is at Solon.

Metacomet 08-08-17 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Red Raider (Post 6802233)
Ryan McCurry actually committed to the University of Indiana last week for baseball. Both were really good at football last year and baseball this year.

I wonder if Joey Formani decided to focus on lacrosse, if he played last season. I thought Brett Shannon was also supposed to be in the mix for quarterback. Is he still playing this season? He actually did pretty well in the couple of times I saw him play last year.

Shannon is the #3 QB and he'll probably start for the JV. Cartellone has improved quite a bit and he looks like the #1 guy.

Metacomet 08-08-17 01:53 PM

Word was going around the stands today that the Warren Harding scrimmage, scheduled for Saturday at Mollenkopf Stadium, has been moved to Friday at 10 a.m. Plenty of football dads unhappy with the change to a workday scrimmage. Same for me. I'll try to re-arrange my schedule so I may attend, but I don't know for sure if I can. If I can't make it for a writeup, I hope someone can fill in.

warren west 08-08-17 02:00 PM

Meta check your PMs

Metacomet 08-08-17 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by warren west (Post 6802673)
Meta check your PMs

warren west told me that the scrimmage was moved because of a tragic death in the Warren community. The young man's funeral will be Saturday. Very sad news.

Thanks for the explanation, ww. I'll be there if I can. Hope to see you Friday.

Mr. Red Raider 08-08-17 10:35 PM

Wow. Looks like Joey Cartellone took some pretty impressive strides forward in the scrimmage. That's great to see. The Travon Raphael guy looks like he could be a potential star for the Comets at wide receiver this year.

Thanks for keeping us updated, Metacomet.

I didn't end up making it to today's scrimmage, but I plan on being at the one on the 18th against North Ridgeville.

jimbo 08-09-17 04:29 AM

Go Comets
Thanks Meta and others for keeping us informed of the Comets!

Could we possibly be playing on the new field at Euclid in October?

Hoping we remain injury free once the season begins..

BTW.. The Pro Football Hall of Fame stadium looks awesome. How soon are the football finals back in Canton??

Metacomet 08-09-17 09:43 AM

Thanks, jimbo. I don't know what's happening up at Euclid. The Panthers' Week 3 game with St. Ignatius has been moved to Byers Field because Euclid's stadium won't be ready. Solon visits Euclid in Week 7, so maybe the new place will be ready by then. I'll miss DiBiasio Stadium. It needed some modern touches, but it was still a nice place to watch a game.

About the state chamionships: They're moving back to Canton this fall. No more driving back-and-forth between Canton and Massillon, which I actually enjoyed.

Metacomet 08-09-17 10:19 AM

Some more thoughts on yesterday's little get-together with St. Ignatius:

I can't emphasize enough just how well Solon's offensive line played. Both lines, really, but I expected the D-line to look good. I had my fingers crossed for the O-line. The Comets lines outplayed Ignatius on both sides of the ball. The Cats had a significant size advantage, but Solon's linemen were much quicker. Before the teams lined up to play football, they went through some drills. The linemen went 1-on-1 with a guy from the other team; a D-lineman trying to break loose from a blocker. In those drills, the Cats' bigger linemen dominated Solon's guys for the most part. A few Comet linemen got ridden to the ground. But when the real playing started, Solon's guys were quicker and just looked better.

One Solon player I really noticed was guard Will Taylor. He's the biggest guy on the team (the only one who weighs more than 250 pounds). Taylor played a lot last year as a backup. He did OK, but to me he looked as if he carried a little too much weight. Yesterday, He looked as if he was in fantastic shape. He's a rock solid 255 now. Taylor has lost 10 pounds, but looks bigger and stronger. And he looked much quicker than last year. Taylor really played well. He and Nathan Kresevic at center kept opening holes in the Ignatius D-line that enabled Thomas Wilks to reach the secondary. Wilks didn't have any monster runs, but kept popping loose for 5-6-7 yards a crack.

Travon Raphael played like Tres Barksdale yesterday. He's going to be a big, big weapon for Solon's offense. Getting him is like picking up a hot free agent. The WR corps is still one of the strongest and deepest units on the team.

Solon's linebacker corps played well yesterday, but I'm still a little concerned about the unit. The Comets don't have a linebacker even close to 200 pounds. R.J. Howard is the biggest guy at 190 and he didn't play yesterday. The guys who did play looked really quick, but I wish we had a bigger guy in the middle. Getting Howard back will help, though I must emphasize that the kids who did play vs. Ignatius all looked good.

I'm not sure what to make of St. Ignatius. This Wildcat team certainly isn't as good as last year's state runner-up, but the Cats still had lots of size and skill. To me, Ignatius didn't look like a super-fast team; our skill people looked better overall. Their QB made some nice throws but he didn't slice and dice our defense with deep balls like Ignatius QBs in past scrimmages. Their top RB, Mark Bobinski, didn't play. He would have made a difference; then again, Solon contained him pretty well in last year's playoff game. Ignatius doesn't appear to be a great team this year. Time will tell whether the Comets outplayed a very good good team yesterday.

Metacomet 08-09-17 10:37 AM

Here are some observations from the St. Ignatius perspective, offered by former PD reporter Eddie Dwyer:


I agree with most of his points, but he made the scrimmage seem more even than it really was.

Metacomet 08-10-17 09:33 AM

I won't be able to attend the Warren Harding scrimmage tomorrow. I tried, but couldn't change my work schedule. I wish I could be there and write up a report. But it ain't gonna happen.

warren west has offered to give a report and that's welcome news. But if any Solon fans want to share their views, that would be great, too.

Sorry I won't get to see my friends in Warren. Best of luck to both teams and I'll see everybody next week at our scrimmage with North Ridgeville.

Go Comets!!:banana::banana::banana:

Metacomet 08-11-17 02:40 PM

Anyone got any information about today's scrimmage at Warren Harding? Anyone out there? Bueller? :confused:

wghfan 08-11-17 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Metacomet (Post 6804710)
Anyone got any information about today's scrimmage at Warren Harding? Anyone out there? Bueller? :confused:

Overall, it was an even scrimmage, with the 1st teamers. I believe WGH won 3-2, counting all the sets.

Metacomet 08-19-17 09:47 AM

Solon concluded it scrimmage season with last night's 14-6 win over North Ridgeville in one half of football. I'd hoped that the Comets would dominate Ridgeville, which didn't look like a very strong team. Instead, Solon ran kids in and out of the lineup, and played close to the vest. I'm sure the coaching staff didn't want to show too much to the Aurora coaches scouting in the stands, even if fans like me wanted to see a rousing performance.

Solon's first TD came on a QB draw of 17-18 yards by J.T. Caver. J.T. didn't start at QB, but took over on the Comets' third possession. Caver set up the score with a long pass to WR Taj Ward, who played very little.

The Comets also scored when Travon Raphael caught a bubble screen in heavy traffic from QB Joe Cartellone, made two beautiful moves and found himself wide open for a TD. The play covered about 60 yards.

The Rangers scored with 11 seconds left against Solon's reserve defense.

It appeared to me that Solon was more interested in tinkering with different plays and personnel matchups than it was in scoring. Joey looked pretty good at QB. Not as good as he did vs. St. Ignatius, but solid. Most of his throws were underneath routes. Caver looked great running the ball when he was at QB. He made the nice throw to Ward, but still needs to put more air under some of his passes. I wouldn't be surprised to see a package of plays for Caver; some sort of wildcat set.

RB Thomas Wilks played much as he did vs. Ignatius: solid production; no home runs. His best run was wiped out by a penalty (Solon had a few too may flags, that's a concern).

The makeup of the line was the same as it was vs. Ignatius, except that I don't recall seeing Nolan McNamara last night. Julian Broderick started at guard.

Raphael really looked good at WR. He's going to start. Travon is too good to keep out of the lineup. He and Ward will be one of the best WR tandems in Ohio. Andrew Mason started again in the slot. I'm not sure he touched the ball. I hope he does once it all starts for real, because he could have a monster year. Sammy Bubonics, Nate Miller and soph Dominic McGhee all played a lot.

Solon's defensive line was the strongest unit on the field. Last night, it was David Marbury and Jack Miller at the ends, Da'Veon Parker and Nate Leskovec at tackles. I don't recall Nate playing end at all, except for the times Solon switched to a 3-4. Against Ignatius, several guys rotated in at tackle, including Nate, who played end when he wasn't inside. I don't know if Nate's move to tackle is permanent, or if this is just something Solon is trying out. However, a starting D-line of Marbury, Parker, Leskovec and Miller boasts a post-season all-star candidate at each position.

Linebacker is the one area of the team that really concerns me. Last night, it was Zyon Mowry and Anthony Lanzara on the outside; Michael Laubscher in the middle. Against Ignatius, it was Jeff Barnett and Marquis Churn on the outside. I can't tell you who the starters are, except that Laubscher looks like one for sure. Or maybe not. R.J. Howard is still out with an injury, and I believe he's a middle LB, like Laubscher. I'm still worried about the lack of size at LB.

The secondary looked great. It was Corey Jackson, Ward and Dominic McGhee at corner; Mason and Caver at safety. Ward didn't play for long.

Earlier, I had reported that Ryan McCurry, a two-year starter at corner, had decided against coming out for the team. Well, he's back. I believe he's been back for about a week. Ryan didn't suit up last night. I'm not sure if he must win his starting job back, or he still needs to get in football shape. But I hope he's ready soon. He'll give the team a huge lift.

Also, basketball star Sincere Carry has joined the team. I don't know if he has any football experience, but he's a great athlete. Sincere is playing WR/DB. Once he learns the plays, it wouldn't surprise me to see Sincere do something significant to help the team at some point this fall.

I almost forgot the kicking game. The Comets tried several placekickers last night. Soph Harrison Rich and junior Felicia Maryash (yes, a girl) kicked the extra points. Jack Miller punted. Mason, Caver, Ward and Bubonics were the return men. Solon had some mis-communication between the return men. That's something that needs to be worked out.

In summary: Defense played very well last night when the starters were on the field. Coverage and pursuit were excellent. Defense looks fast. But I'd like to see things get sorted out at LB. Offense was so-so; pretty vanilla. But the talent is there.

First game only six days away.

Go Comets!!! Beat Aurora!!! :banana::banana::banana:

gogreenmen 08-19-17 01:55 PM

Aurora beat Cuyahoga Falls 35 to 0 and like the Comets they didnt show much with Solon, Euclid and Twinsburg reps in the stands. Gavin Blunt didn't play. Hopefully Aurora will give Solon a competitive game Friday Night.

Metacomet 08-21-17 11:57 AM

Solon's captains are Da'Veon Parker, J.T. Caver, Taj Ward and Nate Leskovec. What's noteworthy about this is the fact that Leskovec is a junior. That shows the extent of respect that his teammates feel for him. I can't recall a junior serving as a captain for Solon, though maybe someone like Jim Mandich or Kim Herring did it years ago.

Metacomet 08-21-17 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by gogreenmen (Post 6810446)
Aurora beat Cuyahoga Falls 35 to 0 and like the Comets they didnt show much with Solon, Euclid and Twinsburg reps in the stands. Gavin Blunt didn't play. Hopefully Aurora will give Solon a competitive game Friday Night.

Both teams appear to be really strong. Both are highly-regarded around the state this year. I'm sure everybody expects a competitive game. Solon won last year because of its speed. Hopefully, the Comets have enough speed this year to beat the Greenmen again. We'll find out Friday night.

Metacomet 08-26-17 09:40 AM

Michael Rutsky's first varsity field goal proved to be the difference in last night's 15-14, season-opening win over Aurora at Stewart Field. The Comets overcame some inconsistent offense and special teams with a tremendous defensive effort. Solon's defense was fast and aggressive all night but especially in the fourth quarter, as they snuffed every potential Aurora rally once the Comets took the lead.

Solon's defense had at least five sacks. In addition, they forced five turnovers and frustrated Aurora's offense into at least seven penalties. By my count, five of those were holding penalties; most of them committed against Comet DEs Nate Leskovec and David Marbury. Once again, Leskovec was the most impressive player on the field; Marbury was close behind.

Plenty of other Comet defenders stood out: Da'Veon Parker at NT, linebackers Jeff Barnett and Zyon Mowry; Mowry had a terrific game in his first varsity start. He was #37, the guy flying around the field and making huge hits. Corey Jackson, Andrew Mason and J.T. Caver excelled in the secondary. So did sophomore Dominic McGhee, who did a fine job shutting down Aurora's best player, WR Gavin Blunt.

Solon scored first. The Comets got a drive going and capped it with a 15-yard TD pass from QB Joe Cartellone to RB Thomas Wilks on a wheel route. The Comets failed a two-point try.

Gavin Blunt returned the ensuing kick for an 84-yard TD. The extra point game the Greenmen a one-point lead that they took into the second half.

Solon regained the lead in the third quarter. Leskovec forced a fumble that the Comets recovered at the Aurora 13-yard line. On the next play, Wilks burst through the middle for the score. Solon again failed the two-point try, making the score 12-7. Wilks ran for 108 yards.

Aurora then mounted its its one good drive of the night. The Greenmen reached the Comet 40. Then, on fourth-and-five, QB Evan Fromwiller caught Solon in a blitz and flipped a screen to RB Jimmy Kish, who rumbled down the sideline for a TD. The kick gave the Greenmen a 14-12 lead.

For most of the night, Solon moved the ball in the middle of the field, but bogged down in Aurora territory. In the first half, the Comets faced a fourth-and-four at the nine yard line. Rather than trying a kick, Solon went for the first down and failed.

But faced with a similar situation with about eight minutes left, Solon called on Rutsky, fresh from the soccer team, who drilled the FG that put the Comets ahead to stay.

Solon's offense did some good things but looked tentative at times. QB Joe Cartellone was 15-of-18, but for only 103 yards. I thought that Solon should have been more aggressive; should have taken more shots downfield. The gameplan seemed a bit conservative. I thought Joey was solid in his first start. Sammy Bubonics caught five passes for 77 yards. WR Trevon Rapael dropped a pass in the first half. He was open most of the night, but Solon never threw another pass in his direction.

By the way, WR/DB Taj Ward didn't play. Ward came off the field in the North Ridgeville scrimmage with what looked like a mild injury, but hasn't played since. Senior DB Grant McCurry, a two-year starter, also didn't play.

Solon outgained Aurora by close to a 2-1 margin, by my estimation. The Comet offensive line did pretty good in its first test. Some of the guys playing were guys who didn't start in the scrimmages: Wayne Chaney, Karanjot Singh and Cade Cohen. I didn't see Will Taylor or Julian Broderick at all. I'm not sure if they were injured. Nolan McNamara came on in the second quarter and played the remainder of the game. The line last night looked small compared to Aurora's bigger D-line but Solon's O-line played them no worse than even.

I thought Aurora was a very good defensive team. Their LBs were outstanding and their back seven didn't miss many tackles. I did see a lot of our receivers open, but the Comets didn't test their secondary deep. Their O-line was huge but was outplayed by Solon's quicker D-line. RB Jimmy Kish had a few good moments, but I thought the Greenmen missed Bubba Arslanian. QB Evan Fromwiller made a couple of nice throws, but Solon hounded him into a lot of bad passes. Several times, Aurora would make a nice offensive play but the Comets would snuff the ensuing series.

Solon visits Twinsburg next Friday.

Go Comets!!!:banana::banana::banana:

Metacomet 08-26-17 10:03 AM

Come on, Solonites!! I know you people read this stuff. I'd like to see some feedback. I'm on an island here.:wallbang:

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