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firebirdswrestling 04-21-17 06:38 AM

Firebirds Wrestling Club
Firebirds Wrestling Club is under new ownership and prices have dropped! Spring/Summer practices have begun and are being held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm and Saturday mornings from 9:30-11:30am. $10 drop in fee or $50 per month for unlimited practices for the month. FWC is a 40 year old legacy that is being rebuilt. Check out our Facebook and/or our Instagram pages for updates @firebirdswrestlingclub

Crab Ride 04-21-17 11:26 AM

Who are the coaches?

CuriousGeorge1 04-22-17 03:08 PM

What town is this located in? Is this the old Chanel club? They were at one point a fantastic operation. I was never personally a part of this club, but we competing against their wrestlers on just about every level. This was one of the few clubs that was near Westshore's level when I was coming of age. Where are the practices taking place at? The building recently sold I read, so I assume not at the old Chanel wrestling facility (one of the best). Who is resurrecting this club? Who are the coaches? So many questions... The initial post sparked my curiosity. If this is in fact the old Chanel club and is in the same area I would be very interested. I now have a nephew that lives about 10 minutes away in Walton Hills. He is in 1st grade and he is just getting into wrestling. His parents have driven him to Macedonia and Brecksville for his first two forays into the sport. Something closer would be very much appreciated by his parents at the very least.

Can you provide some additional information? I am not on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. The only social media I do in Linked in. I know I am living in the Stone Age.

Boro Fan 04-22-17 03:59 PM

Larry Vance runs the wrestling program now out of Ares Combat in Macedonia. He was apart of the Chanel program from the late 80s or early 90s until Graham Coghill stepped away in 2012.


firebirdswrestling 04-23-17 07:45 AM

More Info
Firebirds Wrestling Club is located at 420 Highland Rd, Macedonia, OH 44056. The club has been operational since August of 2015 and it was part of Ares Combat Sports Academy. The club was recently sold and broke off of ACSA and now runs as it's own entity. Larry Vance is the head coach along with Rich Robusto, who was a two time state champ from Walsh. There are also two former Firbirds standouts Joe Keiffer (3 time state qualifier and state placer) and Danny Orrill (3x state qualifier and 2 time state placer). We will also be having many camps over the summer from other former Firebirds standouts.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Mike Blogna 440-759-0886 or send me a private message on here.

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