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Conversation Between jed the fish show and Irwin20
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  1. Irwin20
    08-27-18 03:03 PM
    JED, no don't know who Buck is, really can"t even guess. I was introduced to him on Yappi when my daughters started at McNick soccer. He really had a thing for the parents. Since I was new to HS soccer and wasn't seeing any of the behavior he discussed I found his take curious. Sounds like he lives on the Eastside, Anderson Twp..seems to know a lot about HS soccer there (or thinks he does). BTW I enjoy your takes on Ohio soccer, not saying I follow you that closely but its good stuff. Take care.
  2. jed the fish show
    08-25-18 04:16 PM
    jed the fish show
    What the hell happened there!!?? My ACTUAL post was asking if you knew who that idiot Buck guy was ripping on the UC coaches!?? I THINK I know, but was curious if you did since your outstanding daughter plays there? I would NEVER use it on this site....its just driving me cray since I think I know who it is! If willing to share your thoughts, that would be great!! Not sure WHY the message that got sent was sent vs the one I wrote earlier! Jerry
  3. Irwin20
    08-25-18 02:36 PM
    I think you sent this reply to the wrong person.

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