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Conversation Between CardDad and CardinalsFan
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  1. CardinalsFan
    08-05-16 02:22 PM
    I don't know what's going on. It appears that Yappi has jumped the proverbial shark. I am curious what the page views/posts are the past 30 days vs. a year ago.

    I'll try and get some talk the week of the games. 2-a-days just started.
  2. CardDad
    08-05-16 06:04 AM
    This is really weird. No Colerain or GCL football discussion. What is going on?
  3. CardinalsFan
    02-11-16 09:10 AM
    Nope. I know nothing. I did find it odd that he didn't appear to be anywhere during the signing ceremony last week so unless he had a good reason not to be there, it is reasonable to think something is up. But I have no idea what it is.
  4. CardDad
    02-11-16 08:03 AM
    Sorry, your earlier response said there was nothing you could share so I assumed there was something big happening.
  5. CardinalsFan
    02-10-16 05:29 PM
    If "what" will be good for overall sports?? I don't know anything.
  6. CardDad
    02-10-16 02:56 PM
    At least tell me if you think it will be good for overall sports at Colerain and still not affect football
  7. CardinalsFan
    02-10-16 02:49 PM
    Nothing that I can share. Let me see what I can find out, if anything. Most likely nothing.
  8. CardDad
    02-09-16 09:56 AM
    NatiFBGuru says there is a shakeup coming at the school. Anything you can share?
  9. CardDad
    10-01-15 02:09 PM
    Looks like folks are still interested in the GMC weekly picks
  10. CardinalsFan
    10-16-14 11:59 PM
    Hey Carddad - the scores are on WeAreColerain.com by going to the calendar and clicking on any of the days that you see a Freshman or JV game.

    As for the posters, no idea where they all went. It's been super quiet this year. To be fair, it was fairly quiet last year as well. I think this site, overall, is losing it's steam. The Colerain posters are growing up and are no longer posting as much, which is a shame. The stalwarts are still here but it is dwindling, no question.

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