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Conversation Between thavoice and 4cards
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  1. 4cards
    12-07-15 01:49 PM
    You're spot on.
    Also, congrats on your win over the weekend. You guys have a lot of admiration from the Mooney fans & I have made two good friends that are Cav posters. Take care,
    Chris (4cards)
  2. thavoice
    12-07-15 01:05 PM
    from a coldwater fan.....

    Havent seen you guys play for awhile but when we played you guys a couple of times it just looked like you didnt utilize your skill guys to the extend they could be. It was just like ya lined up, ran one way, ran the other, in a basic scheme just knowing that you are more athletic and can that will trump everything else. Didnt seem like you all do a whole lot of Xs and O's trying to balance what yo do best to what the other team was giving you. Things may have changed, but when I ahve seen ya guys play I always came away with the thought that you had the athletes and studs to be practically unbeatable but not enough offensive flexibility or scheme that really put you at an advantage.

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