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Nice win Rockets off to great start on the gridiron
Yeah watched it on Carroll you tube. I think they have about 12 Seniors who have been starting since they were Sophs so they have that going for them. I really know only 1 kid on the team but nice to see them do well. Looks like they beat CJ next week and lose the last two but I’ll take it. Maybe they’ll surprise.
Hey Scott, this is coach Loy from East canton. Give me a call when you can. 330-284-4784. It’s about our small invite if you have access to chip timing. I’m up til midnight every night.
Just curious, would you think differently if the chart of the US mirrored the other developed countries? That's my biggest issue-that we mucked up the "reopening".
I think unquestionably the re-opening was much too quick--Trump was originally pushing for it by Easter (mid-April) and he was shot down. By early May many southern GOP states were wanting to re-open business 100% normal and it's shown in Fl, Tex, Ariz, S. Carolina, and GA that it was a very bad idea. The states who re-opened by May 1st didn't even meet the White House criteria for re-opening which is a shame.
I am 75 years old, live in Cambridge Ohio.I have been coming to tigers game since 1963.My grandson graduated from Massillon in 2004, top of his class . GO TIGERS
With all of the recent craziness, will there be a District Placer Returnee list this offseason?
Boro Fan
Boro Fan
Yeah, probably some time towards the end of the month or early May.
Hi Tim, long time no talk! I have questions about the new board software. I couldn't find how to start a new conversation in that section. Can you start a new one with me please? Thanks!
If they play to potential, this is a different kind of Hiland team. And the current series stands at either 5-5 or they with 6 wins - not like its EVER been lopsided.
Hiland fan... not going to say anything on the thread. You're right - they aren't scared. They DO respect them. I saw something the game after they lost to WS Christian at the Classic that I've never seen before... They absolutely unleashed on previously unbeaten (#2 seed in Ashland District and still apparently they're only loss according to Maxpreps) D2 Shelby 99-25...
Spring seems to have some problems with perception. Looking forward to the matchup.