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If they play to potential, this is a different kind of Hiland team. And the current series stands at either 5-5 or they with 6 wins - not like its EVER been lopsided.
Hiland fan... not going to say anything on the thread. You're right - they aren't scared. They DO respect them. I saw something the game after they lost to WS Christian at the Classic that I've never seen before... They absolutely unleashed on previously unbeaten (#2 seed in Ashland District and still apparently they're only loss according to Maxpreps) D2 Shelby 99-25...
Spring seems to have some problems with perception. Looking forward to the matchup.
Gage Berwanger was beating Teagan Hendricks 4-0 then he pinned him for 5th at lima @132 hopefully we can see him on the rankings soon!
Coach, trying to get a double dual together on 1/15 @ Olentangy Liberty MS. Start time would be around 5. Other teams would be Olentangy Hyatts and working on finding final team. Would you be interested?
I did coach at St. Ignatius in the 70s, but there was never any allegations of any wrongdoing with any of my teams, not sure who is feeding him incorrect information.