Yariel Soto - Pan American U20 - Decathlon - OUT OF THE COMPETITION!


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Yariel has completed 3 events of Day 1. The implements are the Junior implements (Shot - 6kg (13.2 lb), Hurdles (39"), Discus - 1.75kg).

He had a slightly windy 100m, running 10.61 with a +2.5mps wind.
He had a disastrous long jump, reaching only 6.47m (21'2 3/4") with a windy +4.1 mps wind. That was his 3rd jump after 2 fouls. He jumped 24' 3 1/2" legal at Nationals.
His shot was ok, for him, reaching 11.34m (37' 2 1/2"). Series: 11.34m, 11.23m, F

Note: Yariel is competing for Puerto Rico, not the US.
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Soto is out othe competition. Another sub-par performance, under 6' in the HJ, then DNF'd the 400m. After his interview with MileSplit saying that he felt better going in than at Nationals, I wonder what happened.


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It was a hamstring injury:

Thanks for posting. Very sorry to hear about the hamstring. Wherever he goes, they need to address that a.s.a.p.

The article was factually wrong on two points that I saw. First was his 10.61...it was wind-aided, and thus while it may have been his "fastest" ever, it was not a legal wind (+2.5). Second, his point total of 7509 puts him at #5 all-time HS performer with the #7 all-time performance in a decathlon with HS implements. The following ahead of him are:

8033 Gunnar Nixon (OK)
7909 Curtis Beach (NM)
7719 Beach
7573 Nixon
7525 Harrison Williams (TN)
7510 Kevin Lazas (TN)