Yappi Rules?


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Does anyone know what the Yappi rules are on listing or announcing sales of personal items on here (track related, of course)?

Anyway, I'm organizing for a big liquidation sale of track & field items soon. Olympic Books, Track & Field News magazines (~1980-1996, 2001, 2009-2011), track-related equipment. If Yappi allows it, I'll post here. Otherwise, I can be PM'ed or reached at kfrancis83@hotmail.com
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any equipment?

Some...I'll be detailing in a few days. Pics will be available later this week by email.

FYI - This will be a liquidation of almost ALL my track & field collection of 35 years. Items will be 1st come, 1st serve. prices will be posted, and many items will be listed on ebay.

There will be dozens, many dozens, of hardbacked & soft-cover books, magazines, newsletters available covering track & field related topics of all sorts, including biographies, technique, general training, history, etc.
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Olympics Books for Sale

Now available for sale:


o A Picture History of the Olympics – James Coote – 1972 – pgs 152
o The Olympic Games: 80 Years f People, Events, and Records – 1976 – pgs 272
o Montreal ’76: The Games of the XXI Olympiad – pgs 96
o Montreal 76 – 1976 – pgs 264
o Olympiad: A Graphic Celebration – Brett R. Thompson – 1980 – pgs 144
o Moscow ’80 – 1980 – hundreds of pages
o Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad: Los Angeles 1984 Commemorative Book – 1984 – pgs 287
o Olympics 1984 – pgs 144
o The Complete Book of The Olympics – David Wallechinsky – 1988 - pgs 680+
o Sports Illustrated Special Preview (Magazine): The 1984 Olympics – pgs 534