XFL announces Tier 1 quarterbacks for inaugural season, led by former CFP national champion


Go Buckeyes


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I believe this will be the last time, in at least 25 years, that we see another league try to start. If this one does not work out, it is just not feasible.


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If this does not work then I think it an alternative league will never take hold.

One good thing is they are making it more accessible for fans to watch. AAF was on the network the first ngiht, and we flipped across and watched and was interested enough.
Then it went into the deep state of cable to be gone from memory!

I think it has a fighting chance. Better than the original XFL. the economics seem much better than the AAF with salaries and such.


It helps that McMahon has about $500m set aside for the league and is willing to take three seasons of financial loss. The AAF had the rug pulled out from under it