WR Matthews retires: says he will not miss the "fakeness" or "brainwashing"


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His statement:

"The game has given me and family so much but that No Longer Exist ... Beating your body up over and over for groups of people to give out a small % of the earnings that they don't even need me No Longer Exist ... The endless training & hours away from my family No Longer Exist ...

"The brainwashing & dividing of culture for a small piece of jewelry No Longer Exist ... Being around too much Ego to even understand that someone has the same skin as you No Longer Exist ... People using me for Entertainment and not understanding that i Am a Black Man in America No Longer Exist

"As a receiver, people controlling your success No Longer Exist ... Being around just pure fakeness No Longer Exist ... The crowds cheering No Longer Exist ... The Touchdowns, Big Catches Fun Times No Longer Exist ... All the people that never talk to you then hit you up for tickets when they see you're close to them thinking you get them for free & act crazy when you can't get them for them No Longer Exist (lol)

"I am thankful to have become financially free but that income No Longer Exist (lol) ... It was cool being a Professional Football Player and getting to play a kids game for work I will always be a fan of the best sport in the world but for me that Kids game No Longer Exist"

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" Being around too much ego" seems to be demonstrated by his post. When reading it, we were around too much ego.


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Knew of a kid who was drafted fairly high in the draft who really didn't enjoy it and retired early. He stated at his college the teammates were very helpful in teaching/grooming other players but when he got to NFL camp other players would intentionally tell you the wrong things in hopes you got messed up and that it was so cut throat.

I can see his point but likely is just butt hurt