Would you like to see more wrestling in movies?


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If so, there is a new movie coming out on SVOD Nov 5, A Walk With Grace.

It has plenty of HS wrestling as a minor part of the plot. Very family friendly.

The writer/director for the movie wrestled 4 years varsity in Ohio.

If this movie is a success, then I assure you there will be more coming with wrestling as a big part, so please share.

See more about the movie and trailers (with wrestling scenes) here: https://www.facebook.com/awalkwithgrace/

The trailer is also here:

PS, there is a small appearance by a Div I, National Champ head coach.


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Would be cool if they made a movie about Ben Kjar (4th NCAAs D1 125lbs in 2011).

Here's an update on something pretty awesome going on in Ben Kjar's life

2011 is also the same year that Anthony Robles won the title at 125. I saw on Twitter that Anthony has signed with the Rock's production company to produce a movie about his life

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"Beyond the Mat" has one of my former students has an actress in it who I taught several years ago. It had trailers, but I never found a way to actually see the movie in its entirety.