Woodridge Football Coach Steps Down


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After 9 years, Jeff Decker has stepped down as head football coach at Woodridge. In his 9 years he won or shared 6 conference titles along with multiple playoff appearances. From 2015 to 2017 the Bulldogs went 29-1 in the regular season and had two playoff wins. Always a class act, he will be missed.


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That school has had a good run of talent going on 15 years or so. I thought Ervin had a couple of teams that were state title contenders and just fell short.


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A few on staff (not teachers in the district) have applied. If the district wants a coach in the building then I assume they will look to bring someone in to potentially teach.


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Interestingly enough Eric Ervin still teaches in the district and with his son's playing career over he might have the time the job requires on his hands again. No clue if he'd have any interest in the job again but you couldn't really find a better option if he was


Interested to see what direction Woodridge goes. Not sure what candidates already on staff look like, but I'd have to imagine this is an appealing opening for the area. Certainly a better opportunity than the other open job in town...


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Pure speculation.....does Dan Larlham apply? So far he seems to only be involved with private schools/religious atmosphere. I am sure it has to be intriguing to him, but that doesn't mean that they would necessarily be interested.