Will the NFC East get a victory over the AFC North this year?


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Only the Eagles avoided a loss so far. With Dak out for the year I believe the Eagles are the best team in the division. I say the AFC North has a legitimate shot of going 15-0-1. What say you?

Mr. Slippery

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It would seem that you're asking if the Bengals are good enough to sweep the Giants, Cowboys, and Washington Football Team. If looking at it from that perspective, then I think the NFC East produces a victory. I could see Andy beating his former team. I could also see the Eagles beating the Browns.

Chop Stix

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NFC East is horrific this season but I think they still nick a few wins off the Bengals and Browns.

11/22 - Bengals @ Washington (hard to see the Bengals winning any road game at this point in time)

12/13 - Cowboys @ Benglals (Cowboys will likely still have a shot at the division by this point so I could see Dalton's return producing some offensive fireworks in the Cowboys favor)

12/20 - Browns @ Giants (Browns have the better team but any away game seems like a crap shoot for them)