Will baseball season be normal again?


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Hoping it will be normal again but not real confident. Is suspect they will be able to play the games but there will be extra rules. Probably no out of state trips either.


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Maybe no out of town trips but with the summer experience, I expect the season to go off without a hitch.
If the hoops season finishes with no issues there should be NO REASON baseball can start their practices as normal this spring. Sucks for awhile being in doors, but it should work.

Last summer proved just how idiotic it was to cancel the season last spring.


I hope that the high school season will be ok. I'm sure some leagues will be scaled down, and no spring trips in 2021 should be expected.


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Interesting that yesterday Dictator DeWine changed the quarantine rules for the Classroom but kept the rules as is for extra curriculars/Sports. He claimed Mask and Distancing are the reasons for the in classroom changes. Not gonna be many Mask on the Baseball Field and Distancing obviously a problem in just about every sport. I’m afraid under this Clown Governor Mask and Distancing will be around at least as long as he is🤬🤬

Fauci said today that in the New Year they will be going full steam ahead on Vaccinations and Social Distancing. Hopefully be back to normal or close by Fall of 2021🤬. I don’t know who I can’t stand more, Fauci or Dictator DeWine!
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It's not the summer thing I was highlighting, it's the fact that the season can occur this year — and should have occurred last year — with some adjustments.


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Believe us, this topic was discussed thoroughly last spring on these boards. They certainly could have had the season especially with the protocols instituted by the summer tourneys and leagues. But you had the OHSAA and the schools rushing to show how safe they were and they were many administrators that were extremely risk averse. Some of those admin types lost their jobs. Some of the "elite" travel teams went to their tourneys down south. Some programs were extremely truncated. I can guarantee you that is not going to happen this Spring. Things will be wide open. Vaccines will be offered and people will be expected to be responsible for themselves. By the end of the summer, things will be some what back to normal.


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Better and should happen without a hitch! OHSAA and the state have let Football, baskeetball, and even wrestling continue. All are extremely high contact sports in comparison. No reason baseball cant be played. I would understand no out of town trips, however no reason not to play. What happened last season was ridiculous. Summer ball went off perfectly fine, no reason to mess with high school baseball.