Where's horsehead?


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I'm sure Yappi has such info. There was a similar case about 5 or 6 years ago when someone disappeared suddenly. Yappi was able to get and give a few details. I always enjoyed horsehead and his take on life. I hope it's simply the strain of life keeping him away from here and not something more permanent.
I thought it was Oil Filter who disappeared from Yappi. Someone suggested that he lost a bet with the stakes being that he banned himself from Yappi for life.
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I saw it too, but it turned out that someone "bumped" an old thread that cabe posted on, from some time ago. So, it looked like a recent post from cabe, but it wasn't.
Glad you said this. As an afterthought, I imagined that was the case. Whew! So, I'm not going nuts after all. Ha ha he he ha ha ho ho......