When will the districts come out?


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It varies from district to district.

Last season, the Northwest district didn't post their assignments/sites until almost mid-December. Not certain, but I think they were the last district to post their info.

It would be really nice if that information were available prior to the start of the regular season, but that's probably asking too much.
Southwest released theirs earlier this week. Division 1 will be played at Xavier, Division 2 at UC, and Divisions 3 and 4 at Vandalia Butler HS


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That stinks for the small schools in SW Ohio.....They play their district games now at Butler instead of UD and then they have to play at Fairmont...They don't even get to see the inside of a college arena this year


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The Northwest District has posted their assignments and locations. As expected, there are quite a few changes.

They'll need to make at least one revision as they excluded one of their schools.
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