What travel club would you recommend for a rising Freshman with college aspirations?


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if you don't play when on you are on these elite teams (for whatever reason), it does not matter. You must play pool games and or bracket games. If one is at the correct tournaments, the it does not matter. Coaches and scouts are there during the week too.


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I am familiar with multiple recruiters, and trust me, unless you play for a certain program with a reputation for turning out college prospects, you aren't going to see anything other than the casual recruiter attending some Thursday tournament game at 8:00 am. They also have jobs, and schedule their recruiting time around the times when they can see a multitude of better teams and their prospects vs top competition. This is almost always during the final weekend of the tournament. They just don't plan their day around watching some random team play out their final pool games prior to being eliminated prior to the winners bracket contests. You are much more likely to see recruiters at various showcases, and even that is no guarantee. Most of these guys want to see the top talent compete against each other, not the B team from organization x, y, or z.
College coaches want to see the best pitchers and then see how the hitters reacts. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a pool game or elimination game.


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My name is Greg Kroah, I am the President of Boys Of Summer Baseball. We have a 29 year history in Northeast Ohio. We do focus on getting kids looks or recruited however you want to phrase it. College recruiters, coaches and scouts typically will not even speak to your child until the summer between his Junior and Senior year of high school. They will come watch and have his name on their "radar" but unless your child is in the op 1% of the top 1% they will not have a conversation or offer anything until then. That being said, all of our teams play in showcase tournaments which have a number of college coaches and scouts in attendance. We operate out of the Summit County area and offer full winter workouts and training. Our teams play a full fall season usually consisting of 12-14 games, a full summer regular season usually 18-22 games and play in at least 6 tournaments. Our trainers are all current high school coaches or college ball players. We actually have tryouts this weekend. If you wish to get more information feel free to check our website which is www.boysofsummerbaseball.com good luck in your search for a team!


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I agree many programs are diluted! Clubs or so called organizations have multiple teams and it is a money grab. DHC does it differently!!. If you are tired of the drama & not sure if your on the A or B or C team?? Come join the Diamond Hit Club Organization!!. DHC is the official team of Adidas.
Sounds great but I don't like adidas so we LL go elsewhere