What teams started practice today?


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Here's a few that started today:
Liberty Center
Dublin Coffman
Upper Arlington
Central Crossing
New Philadelphia
Dublin Jerome
Hamilton Township
Dublin Scioto


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How should it of been handled. Shut down and learn. Once we got an understanding immediately open back up but keep high risk individuals self quarantined keeping 100% unemployment benefits or options of working at home if possible. The low risk/healthy just keep spreading it around until immunity or a vaccine. This would of happened if the Democrats weren't constantly bandstanding and the MSM was being honest about Covid data.
Did Wayne practice today?


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All Lorain County schools a go. Avon, Avon Lake practicing. Bay, Westlake, Rocky River (10 minutes to the East) not practicing. They will face a schedule nightmare if Cuyahoga county does not play
Avon/Avon Lake.....not surprised both are.....if one is practicing you can damn well bet the other is too.