What Movies Did You Watch In January 2021?


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The Little Things- 4/8. It was ok, but extremely cliched and disappointing given the vaunted cast. Leto was really good, but Denzel and Rami Malek weren’t anything special. This is a movie that would’ve benefitted with a longer screen time.
This disappoints me as I was looking forward to this one.


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Knights of the Round Table (1953) - A pretty film with rich saturated colors. It must have looked great in Cinemascope. That said, I can't say much more positive about it. I am a fan of Arthurian legend, This deviates from Malory in so many ways that it was almost unwatchable by a fan of the genre. Ivanhoe (1952) made by the same team was much better.



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"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (1947) - 6/8 Starring Rex Harrison, Gene Tierney, George Sanders, and a very young Natalie Wood.

Finally sat down to watch this on TCM the other night. Have always been reluctant to because I still remember watching the 1968 TV show with Edward Mulhare and Hope Lange in the starring roles, and it was just a cheesy sitcom. I couldn't have appreciated the movie back then, but it is a treasure for the time it was made in. Similar in feel to "The Uninvited" (1944) with Ray Milland, although that one is more of a horror story then a romance.


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Finished Season 1 of Gunsmoke in which Chester, who is treated like the kid but is only a year younger than Dillon, almost marries a 17 year old, Matt backhands about 20 cowpokes, makes Stalin look democratic, and still doesn't plug the Kitty.