What is santa bringing you for Christmas?


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He already has brought my present, a new disc-belt sander. My old one (somewhere around 70 years old just broke and because of age no replacement parts available. Hate to say this but Santa delivered my new sander damaged, but with the wonderful help from a Santa helper from the company it came from, replacement parts were sent straight from the Jets Parts Dept. and my new toy works great and just like it is was advertised. Not what I thought I wanted for Christmas but I'll take it.


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I was my own Santa, bought a new Toyota Rav 4. I originally wanted a Highlander, but didn’t need the 3rd row of seats. I was also surprised at how much better the new Rav 4 models are compared to the previous ones. The previous models are kind of boxy, almost like compressed mini vans. The new ones have the body of a normal SUV.


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Summer before last I was looking for a way to repair something on my 2008 vehicle and came across a vid describing features. It does THAT? Had several features I didn't know existed, being a just get in the car and go kind of guy. So, in that vein:

There's a part 2,3,4 and the more of them you watch, the deeper her cleavage seems to dive. I guess that's encouragement to know your vehicle.


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Funny replies!

Anyhow, a few years ago I told my wife no more presents. After 20 some odd years we have everything we need and want. So I try to do a good date night. With covid, choices were limited this year. Especially with my favorite Pittsburgh casino closed


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I waited at home all day yesterday but still no fat man. This morning I checked again....nothing. anyone else get nothing for Christmas?