What are you watching?


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Was going to watch Westworld but my head hurts and that is a complicated show to watch so I will stick with Project Blue Book.


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TCM ~ 3/26 morning

Michael Todd's epic film Around the World in 80 Days
More cameo appearances than you can keep track of.
Based upon Jules Verne's book (which I read when I was 12)




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Straight Outta Compton last night.
Love that movie, was right in my wheelhouse in HS!

Thought it was odd....they allowed all the F bombs and stuff, but edited out the part where EZ says 'AIDS? Im not aggot"


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Nice Lil double feature last night. Karate kid and The Rookie. ESPN had the latter on and interviewed the real Jim Morris, I had never heard from him before.
As an old guy in a young man's profession I repsec5 all the old farts excelling a these levels and a reason why I hope TB12 wins a SB this year, that is if the Steelers dont