What are some of your favorite Cult Movies


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So basically any movie ever made is a cult movie?
95% of the films named by those above were "regular" popular movies. Nothing cultish about them. The true cult movies are shown late at night on the cable networks.

Sort of, cult movies are films that have followings that go to see them
years after their first run as a feature film. The fans of the films will
often show up in costume and can recite the lines of their character, if
not every line in the movie. Sometimes they are the product of a studio
with a huge budget (i.e. Wizard of Oz) and can have sequels (i.e. Star Trek);
some are one offs (i.e. Rocky Horror Picture Show). Then some are made
on limited funding, usually by the same Producer/Director (i.e. Roger
Corman). Frequently they may be part of festival honoring the film(s)
or a series of films run at a theater one after another 'All-Nighters'.

PS: I cut the cable (satellite) over 15 years ago.




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The Human Centipede
Excellent example of a cult film. Same with the one I mentioned earlier "Reanimator". The greatest cult film is "The Rocky Horror Show". Once in your life you should go see the midnight showing of it, most likely shown in a college town. People dress up in the character's costumes and bring along props. Just be prepared to duck when the word '"toast" is mentioned.