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Western Brown Head Coach Steps Down


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Western browns head coach Tyler Evans steps down as head coach. Any rumor who will take over? Feel like they need to find someone who is willing to stick around to be able to build something. Maybe find some alumni to come in and take over that’s proud to have this job. What’s the rumors people have been hearing?
Was surprised to see this. His kids played hard and seemed to have good buy in from afar. Their schedule is brutal for where they are as a program and their location and size combo doesnt do them a ton of favors.


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Don sizer had a medical issue a couple of years ago which is why he had to step down from coaching in 2018. Names I have heard are...
Nick Osborn- grad from WB, coaches for Evan Dreyer at Anderson
Blake Naylor- grad from WB played at Georgetown college
Ryan Fulmer- grad from WB played at Wittenberg, on staff at western
Danny Nichols- coached WB Pee-wee, on high school staff last year

I’m sure there were a lot of applicants these are just names ive heard around town.