West Jefferson Roughriders 2021


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he's probably a scholarship kid somewhere, probably a D2 in Ohio/Michigan/West Virginia
We shall see. The state offensive player of the year in D4 (Treece) who was also a state champion is going to Wittenberg to play football and he's a better athlete than Buescher and the same size. No shame in going D3 and playing for an elite program too.


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he can sling it. he’s too small. height is fine, but really needs to put on some muscle. he’s talented, i want to see more of his athleticism (not saying he isn’t but if he is, i would like to see it). he’s obviously well coached, having to live with his QB coach


I have to get out and see the Beusher (sp?) kid play as a senior. I've seen him three times I think and he is a special player. One of the best throwers Ive seen. If he was bigger, he would get some looks at the college level.
he has a younger brother that is in seventh grade and he is also a quarterback that is going to be very good also