Wellesley College students freaked out by sleep walker sculpture


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Should it be removed from campus?
That's a sculpture, huh? I wonder what a thing like that costs ?

Probably could have had some nice benches, maybe a pool with a little fountain, a couple shade trees.....
The only reason it should be removed is out of respect for the rest of the male population. That guy gives the rest of us a bad image in the eyes of the ladies.

To say this statue triggers fear of sexual assault is quite a stretch.

Pretty funny.
Whether it triggers fears would seem to be a personal thing. It sure seems creepy to me. I wouldn't want it around.

Let me guess, the artist was trying to generate "conversation," without really trying to aim that conversation. These so called "artists" don't really put in writing their intent until after they see the reaction. Then they say, that's what they were going for.
Ever see the Jackazz where Pontius gets all body-painted like a weathered bronze statue, and stands motionless on a pedestal until a small group engrossed in conversation happens by ? He scares the crap out of them when they get close enough.

If they keep the statue, they should hire the model to replace it one day a month in the summer.