Week 5: Elder @ Louisville St. Xavier

Really nice win for the Panthers last night. You can see the confidence of this team building each week. Fun to watch!
Watched the game last night, Elder looked really good. Couple things that stood out:
-This may be one of the deepest Elder teams they've had in years. They had to play about 20 guys last night, hell maybe close to 25. That and they had 3 different running backs take carriers, outside of Brass.
-Defense played solid tonight, kept everything in front for the most part and tackling seemed better on the whole. They gave up the fluke TD on the botched FG attempt and then one big run after some bad field position gave X the ball around the E 45. Outside of that, it was the one opening TD drive.
-The OL has figured it out. They're moving guys around and opening up some big holes. Not sure how they look depth wise at OL, but the 5/6 guys that are in those spots now are gelling.
-Roth is a weapon in the kicking like Elder hasn't had since Miliano. They almost never try a 40 yard FG but they did last night. Kid nailed it.
-The Lou X broadcast team was talking about last year's meeting at the Pit and how the game this year was much different. They both agreed they thought the Elder offense was much better this year than last year. I'm not sure many Elder fans would have agreed with them a few weeks ago, but maybe they do now.

I said it a couple weeks ago after Springboro, they seem to have figured things out. X looks vulnerable next week at home. Hope they pull it off setting up a big match-up with Moe the following week at the Pit.
I have to say I did enjoy the broadcast with the old-timers. They seemed to have fun doing it less the result of course. Hats off to the OL and backfield guys for paving the way for 304 yards on the ground. This is the path that this team will win with as a run first offense. I do hope we get things figured out on defense on scheme and personnel. It has to improve for GCL Games.