Week 4: Elder vs St Edward

Back then, they were taking top 4 only in harbins. A quick internet search I saw had Moeller at 6-4 that season with 2 losses to Elder, 1 to Erie Prep, and in week 10 to Princeton. Moeller's playoff game that season was essentially week 10 vs. an undefeated Princeton team. A win I can only guess would have put Moeller in top 4 getting massive harbin points from beating an undefeated Princeton team. Moeller 1991 had a very good win over Massillon Washington that year who went on to lose to St. Ignatius 14-13 in the state semifinals. St. Ignatius then beat Centerville 24-21 in the state finals.

Elder's undefeated team unfortunately lost to Centerville 26-17 in round 1. Elder definitely had the team to win it all that year, but a pesky Centerville team was possibly not a great matchup for that Elder team. Elder would have had to get by Princeton still though.
Yes. Taking only 4 teams was rough.

Elder was the better team in ‘91. I was definitely pulling for them in the playoffs the next week at Galbreath. I helped park cars for that game. Haha.