Week 11: #6 Chardon (8-2) @ #3 Dover (7-3)


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Everybody Chardon plays runs the spread except North
Depends how loose your definition of "spread" is, but let's go with that.

Chardon only gave up 20 points 3 times, one time to D4 state title favorite Perry (whom they gave their closest game of the season by far), 10-0 Mayfield who could surprise in their region, and a blowout win where they scored 50 against Brush and JVs gave up points. If every team is a spread except 1, then Chardon's D is averaging 12 PPG allowed against spread teams. Still pretty damn good.

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I’m pretty sure Dover will score more then 12 points. Not sure they win or not. But I’m thinking they will score 21-28 points.

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looks Like Kenston always had a Rb in the back field when running the spread? Dover does not use one in the back field they run 5-wide when passing pretty much 90% of the time.

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DOVER has been running the spread before alot of these other teams have and usually are very effective with it . Coach Mauk from KENTON is who talked IFFT into switching from the wing T to the spread after they coached together in the NORTH/ SOUTH allstar game . COACH MAUK had won at least 1 state title and maybe 2 and several semifinals appearances. DOVER has run it since about 2003 , I think we will do fine on offense but hopefully IFFT remembers what stopped DOVER when we ran the wing t . Teams with speed on defense would shoot people from the backside of the play and. also game inside to gaps and cause chaos in the backfield . Keep eyes open feet moving and we must tackle with our arms shoulders and hips not fingers and hands and if we do that we can be sucessful.


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Has the makings of a great high school football atmosphere. Will play great hometown programs like Chardon any time. Excited. Dover 28 Chardon 24 (I was almost spot on last week with my Dover W prediction)


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Congratulations to the Toppers,Dover could not get a stop in the 2nd half.
Dover had a lot of young kids playing,should pay dividends next season!
Good season by Dover. Won the conference and beat NP which no one really gave us a chance. Chardon made the right adjustments at the half and completely shut down our offense and we couldn't get a stop on defense. Don't think we had many 1st downs the 2nd half. Will be alot of new faces next year. I think 10 of 11 starts on D are seniors and will have alot of losses on O. Will build off of Hall and Ravine and as always other kids will step up.

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Proud of the effort the kids from Dover gave last night. Chardon made some adjustments and found a weakness in that jet sweep. Ayden made great strides this year as a sophomore and Ravine definitely proved his a #1 WR. Kade, Keaton, Pagas, OShea, Burris and Little were fantastic all season and will be missed next year. Great season Dover!! Good luck to Chardon the rest of the way!
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I really like watching Dover play. It's hard for that offense to translate into a playoff push in northern Ohio. So much is predicated on timing and decent weather that if a team can throw off the timing and the weather is the least bit harsh it can become hard to operate.
Chardon rushed for something like 450. Dover rushed for 37. Chardon fumbled on 1st and goal from the 6 inch line on second drive of game about to go up 14-0 which seemed like a big momentum swing in first half. Second half may have been most complete half of football played by Chardon all year. Shut out Dover 21-0 in second half. Still have not been scored on in the fourth quarter and total points given up in second half is miniscule. Coach Ifft and Dover are a class act with a first class program playing with their own kids from their own community. Much like the Hilltoppers.