Week 1 (Texas) Flour Bluff 33 Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Memorial 6


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Dru Schmidt to Jackson Soward for the 10 yard touchdown.
Aidan Featherby makes it 7-0 with the PAT, with 2:15 left in the first.

Schmidt to Isaac Miles for the 10 yard touchdown.
PAT Missed. 13-0 10:04 2nd.
Noah Hinojosa goes up the gut for a 14 yard touchdown.
Featherby with the PAT. 20-0 4:53 2ND.
Featherby with a 41 yard field goal. 23-0 1: 49 2nd.
It has been all Flour Bluff in the first half.

Preston Wilkey takes a little swing pass and trots 59 yards for another Flour Bluff score.
Featherby with the PAT. 30-0 11:10 3RD.
Featherby with a 29 yard field goal. 33-0 6:34 3rd

Justin Morales to Miguel Flores for the lone San Juan-Alamo Memorial score. A 37 yard 3:05 4th
The two point conversion failed. 33-6 Final.
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