Way too early predictions for next year?

What do I know?

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Throwing this question out on the "way too early predictions" thread, because it is technically a prediction. With May approaching, who are your front runners for D1 and D2 Regional POY in each region?

South D1- Maune/Bianco from Elder, Patterson from Moeller, Wheatley/Tombragel from Walnut
West D1- Culpepper from Creek, Rings from Centerville
East D1- Joe Kolwicz/Bo O'Leary from Thomas, Noah Koknat from Liberty
North D1- Sam Brown/Patrick Maly from Ignatius, Will Gareau/Jacob Esteves from St. Edward

South D2- Halverson from Badin
West D2- Cannon Tucker from Carroll
East D2- Bennison from St. Charles, Cavanaugh from DeSales, Gavin Grover from Olentangy
North D2- Michael Bowler from Brecksville
I’ll throw in these:
South D1 - Meyer from X
West D1 - Culpepper or Buirley from Centerville
East D1 - I really like Kolwicz as well. Great kid/heckuva player
North D1 - Brown

south. d2 - Halverson for sure
West D2 - Tucker from Carroll or Kohnen from CJ
East D2 - cavnaugh is really good
Haven’t seen any north d2…