Warren Harding in District


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I think they are the favorite at this point. We will see how they fair against McKinley and Jackson, that will tell us a lot about this team.

The district is not a walk in the park with; Lake, Copley, Louisville, and Ellet also contending.


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a chance to win the district yes. Final four? No way! They don't defend and they only have 3 good players with very questionable role players
An unhealthy WGH squad made the final four in 2009 with much less than what they have now. Meanwhile, our "questionable role players" currently have us sitting at 11-1 & outscoring our opponents 82.3 to 58.9. It all comes down to execution.

If you think that WGH doesn't have a chance to go to Columbus, you either don't know basketball or you're just a hater.
Their coach hit the nail on the head when speaking to the media tonight. They need to concentrate on defense. Far too often tonight a simple back cut or screen caught defenders napping and Fitch exploited that at times. Athleticism alone will only take them so far imo.

warren west

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Thats why i hated leaving the LEL. In that league every game is up for grabs. Around our area a good team can cruise most of the time.


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Copley and Ellet have the athleticism to matchup with Harding. Louisville and Lake play really good fundamental team ball that can exploit a poor defensive squad. Should be a competitive district once the first round is played.


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WGH didn't play well tonight, but they'll be fine. Keep hating while you can.
He probably doesn't know Ellet has been without their second leading scorer for 6 weeks either.
Its all good, haters gonna hate. I think he's a svsm fan to boot!