Wadsworth Coach Need to Go?


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Ever think I let other people use my screen name to voice their opinions to prevent backlash? DM me and let’s settle this in person all of you tough guys?
Don't be surprised then when people give you because one of the people you let "voice their opinions" (which is one of the dumbest things you could on the internet) made an incredibly bad take.
My Portsmouth Trojans would love to have a 10-5 record considering we are going to have 3 straight losing seasons counting this one.


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Lol asking a question dueche, why did he not recognize his seniors at last home game? Why does he only have so few seniors? Coaching staff could put together a team of non playing seniors and juniors to beat this current team. Nobody is buying into this guy. Lower classman is great but watch the games, opponents coaches seem to outsmart him. He does not appreciate the kids who put up with his for 3 or 4 years! Conference Titles 0-3
It's not the answer you want, but the senior class just didn't have a ton of talent. Like many schools this year, senior night was likely held prior to the final home game due to COVID concerns.

When Schmeltzer stepped away, everybody and their mother knew that Moser would have to build around the current freshmen and sophomores. Having seen their JV and Freshman teams over the last handful of years, no, there is not a team of non-playing juniors and seniors that would beat the current team.

They appear to be well-positioned to compete for a league title the next few years.