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What does this mean? Are they going to have Freestyle events? If not, I gotta assume kids that choose to re-start are going to have turned their interest to Folkstyle not Freestyle—no? Perhaps it is more to communicate return to mat guidelines....


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I believe it's more of setting guidelines for the sport. I know some clubs are running. Not sure of any hosted at actual schools. I also haven't heard of any events being announced or rescheduled.


Based on orders from the governor's office, competition between people outside their own team is NOT allowed.

I am reading this as USAW-Ohio indicating that clubs which use a USAW sanction can actually get one, which was something not being offered prior to now here in 2020. That sanction provides certain insurance/liability coverage for activities.

I have no idea if USAW-Ohio is going to offer any competitions here in 2020. That would mean (1) the governor's office allows for "competition" to truly happen (2) the return to competition protocols as released by the USA Wrestling national office were met (3) there is an organizational push for competition (4) there is somewhere willing to host the competition.