US wrestlers at Henri Deglane Jan. 20-22


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Men’s Freestyle
57 kg: Nick Suriano (Sunkist Kids)
57 kg: Akhil Vega (NYRTC)

61 kg: Shelton Mack (NJRTC/TMWC)
61 kg: Nahshon Garrett (Lehigh Valley WC/TMWC)
61 kg: Austin DeSanto (Hawkeye WC)

65 kg: Matthew Kolodzik (NJRTC/NYAC)
65 kg: Evan Henderson (Lehigh Valley WC/TMWC)
65 kg: Anthony Ashnault (NYCRTC/TMWC)
65 kg: Pat Lugo (Hawkeye WC/TMWC)

70 kg: Ridge Lovett (Nebraska WTC)
70 kg: Lucas Chittum (Hawkeye WC)
70 kg: Alec Pantaleo (Cliff KeenWC/TMWC)

74 kg: Joey Lavallee (Lehigh RTC/TMWC)
74 kg: Collin Purinton (Nebraska WTC)
74 kg: Vincenzo Joseph (Sunkist Kids)
74 kg: Joshua Shields (Sunkist Kids)

79 kg: Evan Wick (SoCal RTC/TMWC)
79 kg: Alex Marinelli (Hawkeye WC)
79 kg: Taylor Lujan (Panther WC WTC)

86 kg: Owen Webster (Gopher WC RTC)

92 kg: Eric Schultz (Nebraska WTC)
92 kg: Jay Aiello (Cavalier WC/TMWC)

97 kg: J’den Cox (Cliff Keen WC/TMWC)
97 kg: Morgan Smith (Lehigh Valley WC)

125 kg: Christian Lance (Nebraska RTC)

72 kg: Duncan Nelson (Illinois)

Women’s Freestyle
50 kg: Emily Shilson (TMWC)
50 kg: Audrey Jimenez (Sunkist Kids)
57 kg: Savannah Cosme (Sunkist Kids)
68 kg: Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids)
76 kg: Kennedy Blades (Sunkist Kids)


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That's a pretty sizeable contingent from Team USA- France is always popular when they host events I think. The ranking series event in Croatia is two weeks after this event starts, so I would expect to see a lighter field at this tourney due to wrestlers gearing up for Zagreb. Excited to see Kennedy Blades back in the fold.

An aside- looking ahead slightly to bigger events:
Ranking Series Calendar 2023:

1st Ranking Series: February 1-5, Zagreb, (CRO)
2nd Ranking Series: February 23-26, Alexandria (EGY)
3rd Ranking Series: June 1-4, Bishkek (KGZ)
4th Ranking Series: July 13-16, Budapest (HUN)

I have no inside info, but I think our top guys will probably go to Croatia and/or Hungary. I would expect a sizeable Euro delegation at those two events


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🇺🇲USA results so far. 🇺🇲

57 Suriano in final.
61 DeSanto and Mack in final.
65 Lugo in final.
74 Vincenzo and Lavalle in final.
79 Marinelli and Wick in final.
86 Webster in bronze match.
92 Schultz leadin in RR Aiello in second.
97 Smith in final. Cox hurt his knee.
125 Lance in final.


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🇺🇲USA medals. 🇺🇲

57 Suriano Gold.
61 DeSanto Gold.
65 Lugo Gold.
70 Pantelo Gold.
74 Lavalle Gold.
79 Wick Gold.
86 Webster in bronze match.
92 Schultz Gold.
97 Smith Silver.
125 Lance Silver.

61 Mack Silver. Nashon Bronze.
65 Lovett Bronze.
70 Chittum Bronze.
74 Vincenzo Silver. Purington Bronze.
79 Marinelli Silver. Lujan Bronze.
92 Aiello Silver.
97 Smith Silver.


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Cox at 97 implies that the rumor of him bumping up are likely true. We all know that he did it for the 24 OLY (no 92) but then slid back down for the 2022 World and took a silver. The question is, will he go 92 in the 2023 Worlds and then bump up again in 2024 for the OLY. Or will he go 97 this year to try to adjust his body for the higher weight? This suggests that the latter is likely but he could just be testing the waters at 97. Hopefully the injury is not serious and he can get back on the mat soon. Personally I'd like to see him at 92 in the 2023 Worlds b/c that's Team USA's strongest lineup. At 27 years old and sporting 8 World/OLY medals (2 Gold), he's in that handful (7 finger handful) of America's best. He's Obviously behind the trio of GOAT JB, Baumgartner and Smith, but right there with the rest of them including Captain America, Dake and Magic Man. I'd probably put him 4th in that 2nd tier, but he's considerably younger than the KD (31) and DT (32) and could pass them both if he stays healthy. His future battles w/ Snyder, also 27, will determine his place among America's best. IMO he'll fall short in those battles (if he makes weight :ROFLMAO:) and would be best to stick to 92 except in OLY years.
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Good stuff bdhof.
I believe Cox made his intentions clear that he was going to go 97 and let the chips fall where they may.
I watched his match and his injury and it didn't look like much, but he could barely stand when he wasn't wrestling.
I don't believe he ever beats Snyder again when it matters.