Upon further review, NFL’s replay system could remain intact


Go Buckeyes
Glad to see this. Even though the missed pass interference call was a big deal, I don't want to see the NFL go down that rabbit hole chasing bad calls by officials.

New York Giants owner John Mara told a handful of reporters Tuesday that he didn’t sense a “lot of support” among committee members to expand reviewable calls. While he acknowledges the sentiment could change between now and next month’s owner’s meetings in Phoenix, Mara remains skeptical any significant changes will generate the required 24 votes.
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I want to see a GOD(dell) rule put into place where an official in the booth can overturn a very bad call, or no call, any time under an arbitrary time in the 4th, maybe the 5 minute mark.

I don't want it to be the whole game. Reason why I am in favor it late in games as it gets to the point where the team who gets screwed doesn't have enough time to right the officials wrong.

They make a bad call, no matter how bad, in the first three qtrs. the teams have ample time to right the wrong, not so much late in a game.

WIth that said, the Saints screwed the pooch and still should have won that game with the call....BUT if that is called they would have to go out of their way to lose at that point.


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Imagine any business where you just let your customers watch you horrifically fail at one of your most basic tasks and just shrug your shoulders.

Would a restaurant just drop food on the floor and serve it to their customers..... Who just watched you drop their food beside their table?

At the very least get the calls right that the fans watching on television can see.

Have someone watch the feed. See a foul? See a missed call? A mistake? Buzz the head official and correct the call in real time no different than any other official throwing a flag. Not just shrug and go, guess we failed again.