Underrated Songs


What are some song you think don’t get the appreciation they should?

Pretty tragic story within a pretty unique-sounding song. Liked it growing up and it’s still pretty damn good.

If you can get past thinking of Shrek, there’s quite a bit to like here. A Beach Boys meets the Doors meets Sublime “California” sound coupled with pretty sharp, and almost always ignored, lyrics.

Most Americans don’t know much about this band unless they grew up somewhere that had Much Music back in the late 90s/early 2000s. Canada’s greatest band of the 90s. Sort of REM meets Cake.


I couldn't agree more with the Tragically Hip pick and would throw in "Grace, Too" and "Gift Shop." Summer on...

"Tree Days" by Jane's Addiction just strikes me as a fantastic song that flies under virtually every radar.

It's often tough to reply to quality threads like this one because of all of the music and genres that exist nowadays. Due to that songs that we may feel are underrated might seem overly obscure to many and deservedly so I suppose. For example, I think that there is a ton of material by Porcupine Tree that is underrated, yet I know that it never got a lot of air play beyond college stations so how would people ever be familiar with it?


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One of my favorite Elton John songs, but I don’t think it’s really recognized in his top tier

Elton John has a ton of great deep album cuts, especially in his early career. On the prog side "Funeral for a Friend>Love Lies Bleeding" was how he opened many shows so I don't know if it is considered an underrated tune but that is a great song you just don't see on many Elton play lists. Also the song Madman Across the Water is an underrated classic that has a great thematic jam that many jam bands have riffed. Finally if looking for a definitive '70s singer song writer tune you could not do any better than "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" and "Border Song".



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"Someone Like You" by the Michael Stanley Band.

Popped up on my Youtube this week. Would hear this play on the radio when I was working nights in the early 1980's, and I would be transfixed by it. Was sure it would chart much higher than it did. Sounded just as good live, too.