Transfer Rule


Does anyone know the official line on someone transferring schools and the post season rules that go along with that? Roster eligibility, dugout rights of the transfer? Regionals on the line Wednesday and another possible infraction in the making.


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At this point in the season, any player that played at a different school last year should be scrutinized and reviewed about the method of transfer to their current school.


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There are 11 exceptions for transferring.

The exceptions to the rule that requires student to sit out the second half of the season include:

1. Change of legal residence into district
2. Change in legal custody where new guardian lives in district
3 Current school closes
4. Self supporting status where student supports self and lives in district
5. Transfer to state school for deaf or blind
6. Home not ready for habitation so lives outside district while home being completed
7. Subject to harassment or bullying
8. Move to enroll into an Intl Baccalaureate Program (and must stay enrolled in program)
9. Transfer back into district where parents reside
10. Discontinuation of athletic program at previous school
11. Death in immediate family which requires student to move into a new district.

Otherwise any transfer would have to sit the second half of the season and the postseason tournament. As far as dugout rights, I would guess as long as the player isn't listed on the lineup card they are allowed in the dugout. If I was the coach they would be out of uniform, in regular clothes, just to avoid any confusion.


A player was on the lineup card and in uniform for two earlier round games and the OHSAA is not willing to do anything about it. Not sure why they have the rules if they aren't going to enforce them.