Tournament Predictions - SW Ohio

Tournament starts tomorrow. Any interesting matchups or predictions? Fingers crossed we get through the next couple weeks with minimal Covid-19 disruption.


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I am probably most interested to see how Milford, Oak Hills, and Kings fare in the first few games. They have had ups and downs throughout the season and could prove to be more interesting than their records say. It will be interesting as the GWOC teams mix in too. I join you Cincy in hoping for little if any COVID interruptions. Stay healthy, everyone!
Here are some interesting match ups we could possibly see in the sectionals

St. X vs. Walnut - Walnut started late and is hot.
Oak Hills v. Kings (then the winner of that vs. Anderson)
Milford vs. Moeller (then the winner of that vs. Sycamore)
Creek vs. Springboro

Oakwood vs. Alter
Bellbrook vs. Monroe

Madeira vs. Seven Hills
Botkins vs. Legacy Christian

If I had to guess what district finals would be they are below with winner at end.

Loveland vs. Centerville (both favorites) - Centerville
St. X vs. Anderson (Anderson over favorite Oak Hills) - St. Xavier
Mason vs. Dayton Carroll (both favorites) - Mason
Beavercreek vs. Milford (Milford over favorite Sycamore) - Beavercreek

Wyoming vs. Milton Union (both favorites) - Wyoming
SCD vs. Monroe (both favorites) - SCD
Tipp vs. Oakwood (both favorites) - Oakwood

Mariemont vs. Yellow Springs (both favorites) - Mariemont
Madeira vs. Troy Christian (both favorites) - Troy Christian
Greenon vs. Botkins (both favorites) - Greenon


I agree with the D1 predictions, although Milford has probably the toughest road to get to that district final game. LaSalle is no slouch, Moeller if they aren’t completely worn out by then, and then Sycamore who is very good could all come out of that bracket.